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Pedophile Priests Are Not Just an American Problem

Posted by libhom Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Apologists for the Roman Catholic Church have tried to make the problem of child molesting priests look like an American one, but those sicko priests are hardly limited to the US.

The Archdiocese of Dublin just has admitted that 145 of its priests are subjects to a child abuse investigation. Their report also admitted that the Catholic Church used the practice of transferring molesting priests from parish to parish, suggesting that the policy was coordinated from Rome.

An elderly Italian priest was accused of sex abuse this month.

The Pulitzer Board's web site has a 2003 Boston Globe award winning article which provides information about the global problem of pedophile priests.

Adults can be victims of priests too. An ex-nun discussed her rape by a priest in Africa a few years ago in the National Catholic Reporter. The nun's comments were very disturbing.

“I was in a diocesan congregation in Africa and I am a victim of this abuse,” she wrote. “I saw many young nuns who are victims. I have left my community now, because I became very sick as a result of my inability to get help to handle the issues. I had nobody to talk to because, as mentioned in the article, you are made to believe that you have to obey the authority figure. Everything that was said in that article is very true.



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