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Support the Impeachment of Dick Cheney

Posted by libhom Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some of the many reasons why Dick Cheney should be impeached follow.
  • Defrauding Congress and the public about “WMDs” in Iraq and on non-existent Al Qaeda/Baath Party links in Iraq in order to get our country into war.

  • Working to get our country into a war of aggression against Iraq, which violates international law.

  • Participating in the illegal wiretapping program on Americans.

  • Illegally occupying the office of Vice President as the result of two stolen elections.

  • Assault with a deadly weapon (the time he shot his “friend” in the face).

  • Holding illegal, secret meetings with energy company donors on energy policy.

1 Responses to Support the Impeachment of Dick Cheney

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. "two stolen elections" I'm not Bush fan, but you far fringe left wingers are absolutely hilarious!



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