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Report from the Schumer Protest

Posted by libhom Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Brooklyn protest against Sen. Charles "Loves Torture" Schumer to confirm Mukasey was a bright spot in a time when Democratic politicians routinely induce nausea by their actions.

NASA photo of BrooklynAlthough I arrived late, I didn't miss out on the most interesting part of the protest. People who had started across the street from Schumer's coop building moved to the same side of the street as Schumer's quasi-residence in Park Slope. The 30+ people who arrived for a last minute and barely publicized protest expressed sentiments that go way beyond them and beyond Brooklyn.

Brooklyn for Peace, the Green Party of Brooklyn, and Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats (CBID) deserve credit for organizing the moment of sanity in an increasingly insane country.

The support of the latter organization is encouraging. Often, Democratic clubs are so blindly partisan that their members forget why they are Democrats. That certainly was not the case tonight with CBID.

The speech at the end was mercifully short and expressed the protesters' general sense of betrayal that a politician from Brooklyn could so brazenly endorse torture. The speaker, whose name I didn't get, also made an excellent point about Schumer's support of Mukasey.

Schumer put cronyism ahead of the Constitution.


  1. Dusty Says:
  2. This is fantastic!!! Even Democratic organizations are seeing the writing on the wall..that these fuckwits are not representing their constituents.

    I will have to see if I can find any media coverage of it..I want to post a blog about it.

    Thanks Libhomo, you rock :)

  3. libhom Says:
  4. I'm pretty sure WBAI will cover it.


  5. Dusty Says:
  6. Thank you :)

  7. Christopher Says:
  8. E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T.

    Schumer must be defeated when he runs for reelection to the US Senate, too.

    He doesn't rep me any longer and I want him gone.



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