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The Fringe of Clinton's Supporters Remind Me of the KKK

Posted by libhom Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton still has some truly nutty supporters. If you don't believe me, go to the following website.


The level of unthinking hatred on this site is absolutely stunning. It goes beyond the usual disappointment that happens when peoples' preferred candidate loses a party's nomination. It's downright obsessed. Just the ire directed at Jesse Jackson and the pretense that all black people are interchangeable should really set off alarm bells.

Obama is better on women's issues than a militant, fundamentalist Christian like Hillary Clinton, who has been working to move the Democratic Party away from supporting abortion rights. Yet, many of these these rabid Clintonites would rather vote for a fanatical misogynist like "Keating Five" McCain than for a non-misogynist like Obama. Hatred and bigotry are the most effective tools in obscuring people from their interests. That's why the wealthy and the corporations employ those visceral weapons so readily.

I'm not certain whether I will vote for Obama or McKinney, but I'm absolutely certain that I did the necessary thing in opposing Hillary Clinton's nomination. Her campaign's decision to make white supremacy their main theme stirred much of this madness up.

One other thing that I've noticed is that the luny fringe of the Hillbots are thinking of voting for "Keating Five" McCain (anti-choice), Bob Barr (anti-choice), and Ralph Nader (vaguely pro-choice), but none of them whose writings I've seen have shown any interest in supporting Cynthia McKinney. So much for feminism having anything to do with this.

It should also be noted that these Hillhadists are still trying to steal the Democratic nomination via a superdelegate scam. They just can't stand democracy when someone who isn't 100% white wins.

The Clintons and the Bushes truly are political cancers on our society, as I've complained before. It is critical to never, ever vote for any member of those corrupt, bigoted, rightist political dynasties under any circumstances. Clinton's silence in the face of this behavior by her supporters shows that we shouldn't see Clinton's dual stances on FISA (oppose filibuster/vote against the bill) as a political opening for liberal Democrats. The Clintons will never change.



  1. Gail's Tails Says:
  2. "I'm not certain whether I will vote for Obama or McKinney,..."

    Thank you for considering casting your vote for Cynthia McKinney. I was at the Chicago GPUS convention and both her and VP candidate Rosa Clemente were truly inspiring. It was so nice to see two women of color representing a national party and run for President.

    I have decided to vote Green and for McKinney as I can no longer stomach the "corporate" parties. As Rosa Clemente put it so well, their candidacy is not alternative, but imperative.

    Power to the People!


  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Hmmm...Obama was just reported as being the #1 MOST liberal senator on record. And that is empowering to this country? That is a unifier?

    Think again!

  5. libhom Says:
  6. clintons4mccain: Being liberal is empowering for the country. 27 years of rightist rule have proven that point. The only way we can unify the country is to pursue liberal policies that are in the interests of 95%+ of the population.

    I only hope that Obama actually lives up to the highly exaggerated billing of how liberal he has been in the past.

  7. Christopher Says:
  8. The PUMA lunatics remind me of Paraguayan anarchists.

    Let's just hope the Denver PD and the FBI keeps a close eye on them next month.



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