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The YouTube page has a description that makes an important point.

The Bush Administration's mindless threats to use nuclear bunker busters against Iranian nuclear research facilities could, if implemented, wipe out 2.6 million people in Iran, Pakistan, and India, and expose another 10.5 million to nuclear fallout.

If you think there are too many terrorists now, think of how many terrorists such an attack would recruit.

Why is it that there are so few politicians in either the GOP or the Democratic Party that actually show any common sense or common decency? Kucinich should not be the rare exception to the dismal rule of politicians. The rest of Congress should be following his lead, not trying to marginalize him because corporate and wealthy donors don't like what he has to say.


1 Responses to Kucinich Condemns Bush's Threats to Use Nuclear Weapons Against Iran

  1. kid Says:
  2. I need to come here more . You got some good stuff here.The Jesse Helms thing , damn thats cold.Now I remember when Regan passed , I went to a bar and my first 2 drinks were free.The guy that bought the bar drinks said ,"today hell just got hotter."Hey I feel you , brothers were on their best behavior that day around Conservatives(white folks).



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