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Some Wisdom from Proudprogressive

Posted by libhom Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Some Notes on Living is a wonderful blog. Proudprogressive is my favorite writer there, though the others have quite a lot to say too. I just read a posting on Trans Pride in SF with a couple of sentences which say something of critical importance.

Remember if Gender ID and Expression is not protected - seriously no lesbians or gays are truly protected either. No matter how well you are assimilated. To society at large - we are all gay , all queer. The Ts are the canaries in our coal mine - don’t kid yourselves.

The same is true of the leather community, the sexually liberated (sometimes referred to as "promiscuous"), and the polyamorous. Until someone accepts as an equal every butch dyke, leatherperson, drag queen, and every other person whose very being makes it impossible to forget they are queer, they don't accept the most assimilated lgbt person either.


1 Responses to Some Wisdom from Proudprogressive

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Thank you GLH, as you know my focus has been so intent on the lgbTq issues and i must tell you that i am thankful DEEPLY thankful that you and others are maintaining such a high level on focusing on the politics out there. The war, the candidates all the other issues I too care so deeply about as well - guess that is what blogging is all about - we follow our passions and each do our bit - if nothing else it helps us keep our own sanity in this FUBAR country.

    all the best my friend and happy pride month a few days late..its always PRIDE at our House.

    oh and i am always bitter as HELL on the fourth of JULY - give us our civil rights and i will feel its my country..stop venerating war , the same thing.

    oh a very happy NOTE HELMS IS DEAD - may he rot in a special hell alone with Falwell and McCarthy those evil bastards..

    Peace !




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