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Buchanan's Bigotry Makes Him Say the Darndest Things

Posted by libhom Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pat Buchanan made the most outrageous comments on tonight's Rachel Maddow Show regarding the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor. One thing that really struck me, aside from Buchanan's typically bigoted fanaticism, was the desperate nature of his rhetoric.

In trying to claim that Sotomayor did not have the intellectual capacity to serve on the court, Buchanan actually picked Justice Scalia, yes Justice Scalia, as an example of the kind of intellectual that should populate the court. Buchanan is absolutely flailing on this one.

Justice Scalia is the Ted Baxter of the Supreme Court. He is by far the least intelligent Supreme Court Justice of my adult life, while Judge Sotomayor certainly is well above average in intelligence. Few things are more embarrassing as an American than having to watch Scalia make a fool out of himself while trying to represent our nation's highest court of law.

Scalia's approach to being a Supreme Court Justice is to repeatedly lie about the Constitution with little or no skill and throw temper tantrums when people don't go along with his nonsense. Facts tend to be missing or distorted in Scalia's argumentation; logic is rare; and even coherency often is lacking from that joke of a Supreme Court Justice. Roberts, Alito, and Thomas are as dishonest as Scalia, but at least they are reasonably articulate.

If anything, Buchanan's choice of Scalia shows that he sees intelligence as a trait of being white rather than something that involves reasoning ability or knowledge. Pat's rant also is an example of how many US rightists are unable to distinguish bluster and elitism from intellectual acumen. Hardcore white supremacists are usually the dimmest of white people. Buchanan certainly fits this description.

At least Pat isn't on the Supreme Court.



  1. but pat could have been president

    i thought nothing would surprise me anymore --- pat on rachel did --- and the fact his racist ass wasnt fired (does anyone recall jimmy the greek or al campanis?) is also pretty sad.

    worst moment - the country was built by white men

    i guess the slaves and women just got a free ride

    i can finally say this with a straight face - i hope he burns in ....

  2. GDAEman Says:
  3. I thought Pat Buchanan was dead ;-1

  4. Jimmy Says:
  5. And what is so disgusting is how Pat, et al, automatically regard the pick of any minority as an "affirmative action" pick. For these guys, no one but a white conservative will ever be good enough. Buchanan exemplifies the aggrieved white man who is terrified of his diminishing hegemony.

  6. Lew Scannon Says:
  7. White men didn't build this country, they just ran it into the ground while robbing the working people who did build it.

  8. Shaw Kenawe Says:
  9. Buchanan said that white men wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and established this country, so they deserve to be the majority in any of our political institutions.

    What he fails to include in that specious argument is that no women or people of color--Native Americans and African-Americans were allowed to own property, vote, or participate in any of the issues that brought about the establishment of American democracy.

    Everyone, except propertied white men, were kept out of the process.

  10. libhom Says:
  11. Hi All,

    I wonder what Pat would do if he knew that our system of government was, in part, based on the Iroquois system.



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