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Isreal's Act of War Against the United States of America

Posted by libhom Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It was bad enough that Israel committed an act of piracy in international waters by seizing a private relief ship en route to Gaza and stealing equipment from the ship.

Even worse, they took those aboard hostage and sent them to Israel. The three Americans on board were the people held as hostages the longest by the Israeli government.

Make no mistake, this is literally an act of war by Israel against the United States of America.

Israel impossiblly claims that the actions of the relief ship and its passengers were illegal. Let's look at the actual laws involved. The relief ship was not violating any aspect of international law by sending humanitarian relief to the Palestinians in Gaza. The ships destination was Palestine, not Israel, and providing humanitarian relief to Palestinian law certainly is no violation of Palestinian law. Since the ship was in international waters and headed towards Palestine, the ship was never going to be in Israel's jurisdiction.

Fortunately, the last of the hostages, Americans, have been freed from captivity by the Israeli government terrorists, but that does not let Israel off the hook for its act of aggression against the USA. The appropriate responses of the US government to this Israeli act of war are the following.

- Breaking off diplomatic relations with Israel.

- Formally indicting every Israeli official involved in the piracy, kidnapping, and hostage taking from the top to the bottom of that country's government.

- Ending all aid to Israel.

- Seizing Israeli assets in the US for the purpose of compensating the former hostages and the organization whose ship was taken as an act of piracy.

- Issuing a travel ban for Americans to Israel.

- Enforcing a complete ban on trade with Israel in addition to other economic sanctions against that terrorist government.

- Using the US Navy and marines to provide equipment and supplies to the Palestinians in Gaza.

This isn't the first act of war by Israel against the USA. Israel's terrorist murder of US citizen Rachel Corrie in 2003 wasn't the first either. Most Americans don't even know that Israel knowingly attacked the USS Liberty in 1967.

Why does "our" government let Israel continue with its history of acts of war against our country while still funding that belligerent government?

One of the Americans held hostage by Israel was former congressmember Cynthia McKinney. Here is her eloquent statement made by phone while being a hostage of the Israeli government.

This is Cynthia McKinney and I'm speaking from an Israeli prison cellblock in Ramle. [I am one of] the Free Gaza 21, human rights activists currently imprisoned for trying to take medical supplies to Gaza, building supplies - and even crayons for children, I had a suitcase full of crayons for children. While we were on our way to Gaza the Israelis threatened to fire on our boat, but we did not turn around. The Israelis high-jacked and arrested us because we wanted to give crayons to the children in Gaza. We have been detained, and we want the people of the world to see how we have been treated just because we wanted to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza.

At the outbreak of Israel's Operation ‘Cast Lead' [in December 2008], I boarded a Free Gaza boat with one day's notice and tried, as the US representative in a multi-national delegation, to deliver 3 tons of medical supplies to an already besieged and ravaged Gaza.

During Operation Cast Lead, U.S.-supplied F-16's rained hellfire on a trapped people. Ethnic cleansing became full scale outright genocide. U.S.-supplied white phosphorus, depleted uranium, robotic technology, DIME weapons, and cluster bombs - new weapons creating injuries never treated before by Jordanian and Norwegian doctors. I was later told by doctors who were there in Gaza during Israel's onslaught that Gaza had become Israel's veritable weapons testing laboratory, people used to test and improve the kill ratio of their weapons.

The world saw Israel's despicable violence thanks to al-Jazeera Arabic and Press TV that broadcast in English. I saw those broadcasts live and around the clock, not from the USA but from Lebanon, where my first attempt to get into Gaza had ended because the Israeli military rammed the boat I was on in international water ... It's a miracle that I'm even here to write about my second encounter with the Israeli military, again a humanitarian mission aborted by the Israeli military.

The Israeli authorities have tried to get us to confess that we committed a crime ... I am now known as Israeli prisoner number 88794. How can I be in prison for collecting crayons to kids?

Zionism has surely run out of its last legitimacy if this is what it does to people who believe so deeply in human rights for all that they put their own lives on the line for someone else's children. Israel is the fullest expression of Zionism, but if Israel fears for its security because Gaza's children have crayons then not only has Israel lost its last shred of legitimacy, but Israel must be declared a failed state.

I am facing deportation from the state that brought me here at gunpoint after commandeering our boat. I was brought to Israel against my will. I am being held in this prison because I had a dream that Gaza's children could color & paint, that Gaza's wounded could be healed, and that Gaza's bombed-out houses could be rebuilt.

But I've learned an interesting thing by being inside this prison. First of all, it's incredibly black: populated mostly by Ethiopians who also had a dream ... like my cellmates, one who is pregnant. They are all are in their twenties. They thought they were coming to the Holy Land. They had a dream that their lives would be better ... The once proud, never colonized Ethiopia [has been thrown into] the back pocket of the United States, and become a place of torture, rendition, and occupation. Ethiopians must free their country because superpower politics [have] become more important than human rights and self-determination.

My cellmates came to the Holy Land so they could be free from the exigencies of superpower politics. They committed no crime except to have a dream. They came to Israel because they thought that Israel held promise for them. Their journey to Israel through Sudan and Egypt was arduous. I can only imagine what it must have been like for them. And it wasn't cheap. Many of them represent their family's best collective efforts for self-fulfilment. They made their way to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. They got their yellow paper of identification. They got their certificate for police protection. They are refugees from tragedy, and they made it to Israel only after they arrived Israel told them "there is no UN in Israel."

The police here have license to pick them up & suck them into the black hole of a farce for a justice system. These beautiful, industrious and proud women represent the hopes of entire families. The idea of Israel tricked them and the rest of us. In a widely propagandized slick marketing campaign, Israel represented itself as a place of refuge and safety for the world's first Jews and Christian. I too believed that marketing and failed to look deeper.

The truth is that Israel lied to the world. Israel lied to the families of these young women. Israel lied to the women themselves who are now trapped in Ramle's detention facility. And what are we to do? One of my cellmates cried today. She has been here for 6 months. As an American, crying with them is not enough. The policy of the United States must be better, and while we watch President Obama give 12.8 trillion dollars to the financial elite of the United States it ought now be clear that hope, change, and ‘yes we can' were powerfully presented images of dignity and self-fulfilment, individually and nationally, that besieged people everywhere truly believed in.

It was a slick marketing campaign as slickly put to the world and to the voters of America as was Israel's marketing to the world. It tricked all of us but, more tragically, these young women.

We must cast an informed vote about better candidates seeking to represent us. I have read and re-read Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's letter from a Birmingham jail. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that I too would one day have to do so. It is clear that taxpayers in Europe and the U.S. have a lot to atone for, for what they've done to others around the world.

What an irony! My son begins his law school program without me because I am in prison, in my own way trying to do my best, again, for other people's children. Forgive me, my son. I guess I'm experiencing the harsh reality which is why people need dreams. [But] I'm lucky. I will leave this place. Has Israel become the place where dreams die?

Ask the people of Palestine. Ask the stream of black and Asian men whom I see being processed at Ramle. Ask the women on my cellblock. [Ask yourself:] what are you willing to do?

Let's change the world together & reclaim what we all need as human beings: Dignity. I appeal to the United Nations to get these women of Ramle, who have done nothing wrong other than to believe in Israel as the guardian of the Holy Land, resettled in safe homes. I appeal to the United State's Department of State to include the plight of detained UNHCR-certified refugees in the Israel country report in its annual human rights report. I appeal once again to President Obama to go to Gaza: send your special envoy, George Mitchell there, and to engage Hamas as the elected choice of the Palestinian people.

I dedicate this message to those who struggle to achieve a free Palestine, and to the women I've met at Ramle. This is Cynthia McKinney, July 2nd 2009, also known as Ramle prisoner number 88794.



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. I agree.

    This is outrageous and an act of war by Israel against the U.S.

    But you know it and I know it: Israel is America's 51st state and can damn well do as it pleases and with the U.S.'s blessings.

    Israel continues to receive the most foreign aide of any nation (not counting Iraq) and Israel has a higher standard of the living than the U.S.

    Israel practices Apartheid against the Palestinian people who live within Israel and the U.S. does and says nothing.

    And now, Israel is jailing innocent U.S. members of Congress and the mainstream media refuses to even report the story.

  3. Lyndon Says:
  4. Why ? ... do we really even need to ask the question ?

    I'll say no more for I wouldn't want to be seen as anti-jew/Israel.




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