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Are Most of the Anti Healthcare Astroturfers Being Paid?

Posted by libhom Thursday, August 13, 2009

coinsAre some or most of the astroturfers disrupting townhall meetings being paid off to do so by the HMOs, the insurance companies, or their PR people?

Who are these people spewing absolute nonsense about healthcare and trying to shut everyone else up?

How many of these people are paid employees of the very same corporations that stand to lose money if we really did reform healthcare?

Questions like these are perfectly reasonable. Yet, the corporate media don't even ask them, much less investigate them. Any intelligent, sensible person can tell from body language that most of the people hogging the mikes at the townhalls are not even close to sincere. Then, consider that these jackasses are stringing together corporate talking points in ways that are completely forced and unnatural. Many of these people have trouble even pronouncing the words that they are being fed.

pile of $50 and $100 billsIf there was any professionalism in the corporate media, these people would be subject to intense scrutiny. Yet, they all are treated as completely above board.

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