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Hysteria on Obama's Health Plan

Posted by libhom Saturday, August 01, 2009

Make no mistake, there certainly are problems with the healthcare plan President Obama supports. It involves the HMOs and insurance companies, which means the costs will be higher than what we have now, much less the cheapest plan: single payer. Also, the private corporations do everything they can to avoid covering expensive, life saving care.

Yet, the HMOs and insurance companies aren't satisfied with trying to scuttle the Obama plan, which might cut back a bit on their profits. They want to create absolute hysteria among religious extremists on the very subject of government involvement in healthcare.

I got signed up for the rightist TownHall.com because I wanted to comment on Hugh Hewitt's blog. Ever since then, I have been getting bizarre emails from them. Some of them try to sell me crap people with IQs over 60 wouldn't touch. Others include the wackiest far right propaganda, stuff the corporate overseers of the rightist noise machine keep far from the general public. One case of the latter is the email I got from them trying to engender frantic raving by the Christian Taliban on President Obama's healthcare plan. This one appeals to the nuts who actually wanted Terry Schiavo's wishes disregarded by the courts.

A nation of Terri Schiavos with a National Euthanasia Bill?

In 2005, a COURT ordered the removal of a feeding Tube from Terri Schiavo. It outraged a nation. If the Government takes over health care, bureaucrats will decide who lives and dies in America. In the name of "creating efficiencies," they will delay – or deny - treatment to critically ill patients because it costs too much.

We will have a NATION of Terri Schiavo’s, with a faceless Federal Bureaucracy pulling the plug instead of a Court.!

Sound crazy? It happens every day in Great Britain.

Horror of horrors! Respecting the desires and needs of women! What will that evil Obama think up next!

The email doesn't stop there in taking advantage of anti choice people and their frothing hatred of women.
A National Abortion Bill?

That is what the legislation should be called, because the bill pending in Congress includes the unlimited right of a woman to end the life of her baby, with the government footing the bill. And groups like Planned Parenthood will be the beneficiaries of your tax dollars.

Personally, I think Planned Parenthood is fabulous. I want them to get abortion funding, but I also want them to get funding in other areas of reproductive health too. If they got a bunch of government funding for family planning and sex ed, our country would benefit tremendously from it. However, the Bible thumpers get apoplectic at the very thought. If we really were a civilized society, knowledge of proper condom use would be required of all students by the age of 15 in any school.

However, the "pro lifers" hate life saving programs to prevent the spread of HIV and other diseases.

The rightist noise machine preys on the stupid.



  1. earwicga Says:
  2. The NHS in the UK does 'delay – or deny - treatment to critically ill patients' because it is the most humane thing to do for the patient.

    Condom proficiency by the age of 15 - that would be a start, but still a bit late.

    Have you seen this? http://www.theonion.com/content/news/study_abstinence_only_lunch

  3. JayV Says:
  4. You have the balls to sign up for right wing sites? I can say truthfully I've never looked at that shit they spew. I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry. But it's amazing what some people in this country believe.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. It's not really amazing JayV - typically, people are too lazy to look out of their box to educate themselves.



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