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I'm Adding Immoral Minority to My Link List

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 02, 2009

photo of Sarah Palin

In the latest example of intimidation tactics by the extreme right, Sarah Palin's attorney has threatened the blog Immoral Minority with legal action for reporting on claims that Ms. Palin and her husband are getting a divorce. Personally, I couldn't care less whether or not they are getting a divorce. What I do care about a lot are rightist intimidation campaigns, whether they involve legal threats, physical threats, or shootings like the one of the great patriotic hero, Dr. Tiller or the murders at a Unitarian Church by someone who hated liberals.

In a way, this also reminds me of the birther movement. In each case, the far right is trying to bulldoze over American freedoms and American democracy. So, I am expressing my objections to all of this by adding Immoral Minority to my link list.

The far right needs to respect the freedoms and votes of other Americans.



  1. Elena Says:
  2. Way to go and visit regularly too!

  3. Jonn Lilyea Says:
  4. So let me get this straight; when Left wing extremists make up irrational stuff, that should be protected speech. But when when Right wing extremists make stuff up, somehow it presents a threat?

    OK, I think I'm clear on it now.

  5. libhom Says:
  6. Jonn: The people reporting on a possible Palin divorce are not left wing extremists, nor are they making things up. Their sources may be wrong, but they are relying on sources, not inventing things. False analogies like the one you just made are so typical in rightist rationalization.

  7. Lance Boyle Says:
  8. And, Jonn, if you read the lawyer's letter, it's obvious that he is blatantly threatening the blogger: I-know-where-you-work innuendo and signing "for GOVERNOR Sarah Palin" (my emphasis) in an attempt to give governmental authority to the letter. We both know that this blog post meets none of the necessary criteria for defamation/malice/libel prosecution of a public figure.

    If we take anything away from this episode, it would be that this lawyer is not ready for prime time and Mrs. Palin would be better served with more capable legal representation. Maybe Orly Taitz is available? ;)

  9. JohnB Says:
  10. All the more reason for the case for implementing an appropriate solution to the global clergy abuse crisis as this shows why it is the most compelling issue facing us today.

    Why do outlets such as this continue to provide such blatant promotion for a church riddled to the core with sexual problems, human rights abuses, rape and murder, do they wish to feed us the unrealistic expectation that this charade will magically heal itself. An entirely irresponsible and delusional notion together with an action carried out against the children of society in an attempt to uphold an obviously fatally flawed Catholic church when there are appropriate options available.

    The September 1 initiative aims to set the global clergy abuse crisis on the political agenda for the first time in our history as a part of the upcoming elections.

    September 1 says that after repeated failed attempts to engage either government or religions into a conversation as to how they are intending to identify and rectify the ills such a crisis brings with it has been prompted to undertake initial work without the support of either government or religious bodies.

    The group has forged ahead and has implemented what it says is the best available response to the clergy abuse crisis available today. We back that up with a soon to be $20 million US dollars to anyone who can implement an improved response.

    The September 1 initiative says it has a growing membership of people from all walks of life joining up simply because they wish to see an end to the abuses and the infringements on everybody's human rights because of it.

    Australian convener John Brown said the September 1 initiative is the most responsible and appropriate response we have been able to put together with available resources, we are open to constructive input from any sector of society.

    Recently we resolved to commercialize our site through making available premium web space to truly responsible corporates who wish to see an end to what affects so many children on a daily basis. We felt pushed to this end due to the lack of responses from both government and church and to the obvious large scale advertising across the spectrum of church and religious groups on the Internet. Our group felt that there should be at least one place on the planet even if it is only on the Internet for the moment where different sectors and individuals in our community can publicly show their support for an end to this crisis.

    Mr Brown said we are keen to publicly debate Politicians and clergy on their responsibilities to their electorates and to the people in their care so we can remind them of their responsibility towards the children of society and impress upon them the very real need to take this first step in much needed healing, restoration, justice and respect for human rights processes on September 1.

    We have undertaken preliminary studies and are currently developing the first ever global survey covering all known and identified aspects of this pox in our society. The design of this survey is quite substantial and it is to this end that we envision a minimum of 90% of income derived from sales would be put to work on developing and deploying this survey.

    We are currently investigating a number of open source technologies and have identified several of major interest, our increased income would permit us to employ the full-time development staff this project truly requires.

    The aim of the September 1 initiative is simply to bring to the world a definitive and appropriate solution to the current global clergy abuse crisis and can be found online at http://www.september12009.com/

  11. i read him all time
    isnt palin a public figure ---

  12. isnt palin a public figure?



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