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DNC Fundraising Letter Ignores Global Warming, LGBT Issues

Posted by libhom Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I just received a DNC fundraising letter with a phony baloney "2010 Presidential Survey." It's just a scam to get people to open fundraising envelopes and give them money.

Admitedly, I shouldn't have opened it, but I found something disturbing in this "survey." In one of the questions, the DNC asks people to prioritize 15 major issues. Global Warming and queer issues don't even make the list. In fact, they don't even make the survey at all. The Employee Free Choice Act and other labor issues are conspicuously absent, as is the right of women to have abortions. State/Church separation is AWOL too.

This is symbolic of a Democratic Party leadership which is completely contemptuous of the concerns of Democrats, even in its intraparty communications. They aren't just governing like Republicans. They are talking more and more like Republicans every day.

It's no wonder the Democrats are headed towards getting their butts kicked badly this November. They deserve it. Unfortunately, Republicans who also deserve to get their butts kicked seriously will benefit from it.



  1. Ahab Says:
  2. The Democratic Party has often neglected the needs of its base, and the Republican Party has become so right-wing and backwards that voting Republican is not an option. THESE are our choices!?

    We need more viable political options in our elections. I've long felt that the two party system was too restrictive.

  3. Jonny Gray Says:
  4. There are plenty who would say the Tea Party happened because the GOP did not really attend to its conservative base. Bush talked a good talk, but when the rubber hit the road did precious little for small government or scially conservative issues. In my opinion, he did too much, but from certain Rightwing perspectives it was insufficient.

    So what disturbs me about the DNC mailing is that they could at least pander to their base. But noooo.

    Probably one of the worst political concepts to come along in the last decade or so is "wedge issue." And the DNC generally (but Obama specifically) is a coward about these. Imagine back in the 60s treating Civil Rights as a "wedge issue." Ugh!

    But close behind wedge issue as a reviled political bugaboo is "triangulation." Thank Bill for that one. Apparently Gay Rights and the environment don't triangulate well anymore...

    Now shut up you pomo homo nature nuts and get with the program. It's about jobs and the economy. You play nice and wait your turn...which will come around maybe by the fifth of Never.



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