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Want to Watch Klan Brewer Make an Ass of Herself on TV?

Posted by libhom Friday, September 03, 2010

Bigotry often is based on stupidity. "I have really did" publish this blog posting.

Brewer is such a ridiculous person that she was bound to be the target of satire. People are having fun with her already on YouTube.



  1. I heard about Brewer's meltdown, but oh my god. By the way, I watched the parody first than the "real" bit. Even the parody can't fully prepare you for the train wreck that is Gov. Brewer.

  2. Dave Dubya Says:
  3. Brewer will sputter even more nonsense if you ask her about her Prison Industrial Complex vermin buddies cashing in on her racist law at Corrections Corpration Of America.

  4. TomCat Says:
  5. The Republican party had to cancel theur march of strong, intelligent, homest women this year. She died.

  6. Jonny Gray Says:
  7. And now she has decided she doesn't need to debate (or answer questions from the Press, for that matter).

    Given her debate performance, you can't really blame her. Still, when did being able to answer directly for your policies and public statements become optional for public service?

    And we thought Princess Palin was a singular phenomenon. Meet evidence of the new brand of Republicanism. It's stupid and it doesn't care if you know.



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