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Bloomberg Actually Called Someone Else "Arrogant"

Posted by libhom Monday, November 08, 2010

Bloomberg looking insufferably smugProviding some needed comic relief, Hizzego Michael Bloomberg has actually attacked President Obama as "arrogant"? (Times of India 11/6/10)

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had once said that a conversation with Barack Obama was "like verbal ping pong" and that the US president was the "most arrogant man" he had ever met, according to a media report.

Bloomberg had called on Obama, during the latter's vacation at Martha's Vineyard in August. He played a round of golf at the Vineyard Golf Club, along with a few other officials.

Regardless of party or ideology, anyone who lives in NYC knows that Bloomberg shouldn't have gone there. Michael Bloomberg is the most arrogant person in the history of this city, and that would be quite the accomplishment, even if this wasn't such an old city and it didn't have such an enormous population.


What's Next?

Is Sarah Palin going to accuse someone else of being shallow?

Is Glenn Beck going to say someone else is crazy?

Is Martha Stewart going to attack someone else for being anal?

Is John Boehner going to slam a political opponent for being elitist?

Is Linda McMahon going to accuse the UFC of being too violent?

Is Ayn Rand Paul going to call someone else "selfish"?

Is Rush Limbaugh going to start making fun of other peoples' weight problems?

Am I going to start criticizing other bloggers for having too long of postings?

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  1. LOL... Great post!!

  2. Ahab Says:
  3. "Is John Boehner going to slam a political opponent for being elitist?"

    No, he'll slam them for using tanning cream and carousing with lobbyists.



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