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Please Go to Faces of Grief

Posted by libhom Monday, November 15, 2010

Faces of Grief is not the easiest blog to visit. The blog's statement of purpose is stark and important.

This is a blog of pictures from the news. The pictures are of Iraqis, and they show the overwhelming grief that this US made war and occupation has brought to them and their country. May God help them.

Obviously, there is no "God" to help them. We have to try to help them by working to end the War on Iraq. Obama still has 150,000 mercenaries and troops in that country. That occupation needs to end.

Please Contact the White House and Demand That Obama End the Iraq War Now!

I would also urge you to go to Faces of Grief. It doesn't just tell us what terrible things are happening now, which would be quite a significant contribution. That blog also shows us the human consequences of launching senseless wars based on greed, corruption, and Christian religious extremism.



  1. Wow, that site is tough to look at. Anyone defending this senseless war should have to spend some time with those people explaining to them why our invasion was such a good thing.

  2. I'm sorry...I couldn't click. Obama won't respon anyhow. He's too busy trying to figure out how he can fuck us all over with his Catfood Commission. I've had enough. He's not weak. He's not trying to hard to get bipartisanship. He's a monster doing his masters' bidding. And it ain't us.
    If there were a god, the US would never have been able to illegally invade Iraq. Man, there is too much evil in this world.



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