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Posted by libhom Thursday, April 20, 2000

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Iraq Today
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Ketchup Is A Vegetable
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Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time
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March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm
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Michael Leon: MAL Contends
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one tenacious baby mama
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Screaming In An Empty Room
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Sirens Chronicles
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The Anti-War Theatre
The Art of Peace
The Barefoot Bum
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The Existentialist Cowboy
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The Liberal Doomsayer
The Liberal Journal
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The Peace Tree
The Post Picayune
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The WAWG Blog
They gave us a republic...
Truthiness - News From The Gut
uncomfortably numb
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Wounded Times
WWJV4 ~ Who Would Jesus Vote For?



  1. Unknown Says:
  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Thank you for the link!

  5. Rich Says:
  6. I couldn't help but notice that our link was removed from your menu and the link page. I hope we didn't do or say something to piss you off!

  7. libhom Says:
  8. Rich: I removed it when I noticed you took this blog off of your blogroll.

  9. Rich Says:
  10. It's not removed...it's a randomized blogroll, so it refreshes with different links every time you view the page. That way our menu isn't 30 miles long and each site on there can have a chance at top billing. You're also in our recommended websites section as well. It's not big deal, though - I just love our regulars and wanted to be sure that you were still around.

  11. libhom Says:
  12. Rich: Sorry about the misunderstanding. I've put your blog into the More Links section.

  13. puddy Says:
  14. Thanks for the link!

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. Thanks for the plug, Libhomo!!!



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