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People Should Boo Rick Warren if He Speaks at the Inauguration

Posted by libhom Friday, December 19, 2008

Rick Warren should not be playing a major role in a Barack Obama's inauguration. Warren has devoted a major portion of his life promoting oppression, bigotry, and violence against women and queers. Obama is following the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush policy of pandering to heterosexist and misogynistic religious extremists. So much for "Change You Can Believe In."

Obama's invitation to Warren is a vicious, personal attack against every woman in this country.

Obama's invitation to Warren is a vicious, personal attack against every queer in this country.

One thing that people in DC for this disgraced inauguration should do is to boo that bigoted extremist the minute he starts spewing his bullshit until he shuts his hateful mouth. America needs to send a message that bigotry and militant fundamentalism have no legitimate role to play in politics or society as a whole.

You may also wish to contact some of Obama's people over this outrage (hat tip to Break the Terror).

parag.mehta@ptt.gov (Parag Mehta is Obama’s LGBT liaison in the transition team.)

I'm not the first to realize that people should boo a vicious bigot like Osama bin Warren.

How to Handle Obama's Choice of Rick Warren to Give Inauguration Invocation (Recursivity)



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. If I was there, I would have to stop myself from doing more than just booing.

  3. Lew Scannon Says:
  4. I think Obama has carried this inclusiveness just a bit too far. These kind of bigots have had their say for the last eight years, don't give them a wider platform to spew their ridiculous fairy tales.

  5. Christopher Says:
  6. Hurl a shoe at his fat ass.

    Since he weighs 350lbs., is doesn't take a Yankees pitch to reach the target! LMAO!

  7. great post thank you for all the links !

  8. Jimmy Says:
  9. If the goal was to unite the country, why didn't he invite Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire to give the invocation as a way for homophobes to suck it up (pun intended)? Solution...get rid of the obligatory praying.

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. I'm always so relieved to come here and see my own attitudes validated.

    I think this man is an abomination and I don't see nearly enough protest of his participation in the inauguration on the liberal blogs. Some people are fond of saying that this whole thing is being blown way out of porportion. Others say things like let's see what Obama "really" does when he's president. Hell, he's not EVEN president yet and this what he's doing? What's it gonna be like when he is?

    Lew Scannon, you're absolutely right.

  12. I'm disappointed in Obama...

  13. Christopher Says:
  14. Check this out.

    Nobama has dispatched Joe Biden to do damage control while he, Nobama, lays on his ass in Honolulu and drinks Pina Coladas.

    I've got the transcript up of tonight's CNN's Larry King Live.

    I almost feel sorry for Joe Biden. I mean, here’s a distinguished Democratic U.S. Senator, who spent much of his 35 year Washington career serving as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, who opposed the 1991 Gulf War, and who worked as an advocate for important issues as crime prevention, civil liberties, and the creation of the Violence Against Women Act. But now, he’s forced with running behind Nobama with a mop and a bucket to clean up after him.

    Nobama should be ashamed of himself for placing Biden in such a position.

    Nobama has 29 days to uninvite the bigoted, homophobic, pro-life, pro-assassination, Rick Warren from the festivities or he will limp into his first term damaged among millions of LGBT and Netroots people.

    It's up to Nobama.

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. All of the major religions and most of the minor ones are full of bigotry. Using any of their leaders for ceremonious celebrations is a slap in the face to all free people.
    Their gawds are wrong.



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