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The Clinton Campaign Embraces the Mentality of the Lynch Mob

Posted by libhom Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just when I thought the Clinton campaign couldn't sink any lower, this happened (CanWest News Service 3/4/08):

The intensity of the competition among Democrats was on full display as Clinton's campaign complained of voter intimidation from Obama's team during the Texas caucuses.

"These underhanded tactics undermine the process that all parties agreed to," said Ace Smith, Clinton's Texas campaign director.

Of course, the "intimidation" never happened. It's another Clinton lie.

The fact that a Clinton campaign is lying is hardly surprising, and that is far from the worst aspect of this. It is the intent of the lie that is so sickening.

Our nation has a terrible history of lynching black men, often for something completely inoffensive like flirting with white women. Fraudulent accusations against black men of this nature played to the most fundamental fears and prejudices that provided the ideological underpinning of white supremacy.

Lynching may be illegal and largely over, but the fears and hatreds that justify it largely remain. By peddling false accusations of "intimidation" by the Obama campaign against the Clinton campaign, the Clintonistas are trying to create a backlash against a black man supposedly mistreating a blond, white woman.

Racism has been the main campaign theme for Hillary Clinton, but this is taking things to new depths of depravity. There just isn't any excuse left for supporting KKKlinton.

As someone who is mostly white, but has some non-white ancestry as well, I take this kind of hatred and bigotry personally. I'm so sick of the Clintons acting as if anyone who doesn't fit their Aryan purity test is inferior and dangerous.


  1. Christopher Says:
  2. Flushed with arrogance, the Borg Queen can now tell her Hillbots that her negative campaign against Barack Obama, is a successful one and she's ordained to be the nominee.

    The problem for the Borg Queen is, her base of support is limited to older women, aging feminists, and uneducated, blue collar workers.

    Obama's base is educated whites, African Americans and young Hispanics. These demographics aren't about to crossover and support the Borg Queen if she's the nominee.

    Get used to saying President John McCain.

  3. I gotta tell ya: Clintons negative ads are the reason shhe won yesterday. Shame on her!!!

  4. Christopher Says:
  5. The Borg Queen keeps referring to her "thirty-five years of experience" although it isn’t clear what props she gets for being First Lady -- a ceremonial position and not an elected job.

    While much of Bill Clinton's tenure in the White House was extraordinary compared to the current mess loitering in the Oval Office, in my 20-odd years of following politics, I have never heard of a First Lady taking credit for her husband's presidency.

    I guess just being in the vicinity when important decisions are being made qualified the Borg Queen for the presidency? So then, using Hillary's logic, the White House staff: gardeners, housecleaners and security, are equally ready to run the country?

  6. Unknown Says:
  7. I never expected to like or support Clinton in a campaign for president but the racism is disgusting and abhorant. What's worse is that many Americans agree with her. How nasty to align oneself with a faction of hate.



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