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Karl Rove Defends Hillary Clinton

Posted by libhom Sunday, March 02, 2008

Clinton is under pressure from some Democrats to drop out if she does poorly in Tuesday's primaries. She has gotten a surprising defender.

From the New York Times Website 3/2/08:

But Karl Rove, the former senior political adviser to President Bush and architect of his presidential election victories, said such calls from Democrats for Mrs. Clinton’s withdrawal were unwise and unbecoming.

“I think it’s a mistake for his campaign to be calling for her to drop out,” Mr. Rove said on Fox. That would be seen as “rubbing her nose” in the fact that she is trailing, he said. “It’s up to the delegates at the convention to decide who wins and loses,” he added.

There are at least three reasons why Rove is doing this.

1) He loves media attention.

2) He wants the Democratic race to go on as long as possible to use up as much Democratic campaign money as possible.

3) He has made it clear that Clinton is the candidate he thinks would be easiest for Republicans to beat.



  1. I agree with everything you've said here. Great post.

  2. Shaw Kenawe Says:
  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I'm godless, too.

    and Rosie get under my skin at times. But I don't hate her.

    I'm a godless lib, too. A godless lib breeder.

    This horrible era in our history is almost over.

    Thanks be to Dog!

  4. libhom Says:
  5. I wish I could have a dog, but I have allergies.

  6. Chandira Says:
  7. Ann Coulter AND Karl Rove for Hillary? What??? Awesome. That gives Obama a much better shot.

  8. 1138 Says:
  9. x) He's on Fox's payroll and Murdoch is a Hillary supporter.
    I've been described as Godlike but I've got no gripe with the Godless ;)

    thanx 4 stopping by the blog



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