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Ask Obama to Meet with Peace Groups

Posted by libhom Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hat tip to Pagan Sphinx

CODEPINK has called on Obama to meet with peace groups.

Barack Obama was elected in large part because of his promise to end the Iraq War and we want to hold him to that pledge. You can send Obama and his transition team a letter asking him to sit down with leaders of the peace and anti-war movement to talk about bringing home our troops. Read CODEPINK's “Let’s Talk” invitation to the President-elect below, add in your own words, sign your name and zip code, and send your letter. Your letter will be automatically sent to Obama via the www.change.gov website through a few clicks on our website--now there's action magic!

There was one significant disagreement I had with the alert, which sends a message to the Obama transition team. I edited the default text to ask Obama to meet with secular peace groups and deleted the names of the two religious groups CODEPINK listed. The involvement of religious groups in politics violates state/church separation and discriminates against atheists. I suspect other atheists reading this will have similar concerns and will make edits to the language as well.

Please Take Action!



  1. Unknown Says:
  2. I've looked and looked but I could only find one religious orginazation; Fellowship for Peace I think it is. Which is the other?

    In general I wholeheartedly agree with you about keeping religion out of this. With one exception: The American Friends Peace Committee, the Quaker organization. It was through this group that I first fell into anti-war politics in about 1979. We had a very active local chapter in Northampton. I continue to send them money every year for the past couple of decades.

  3. Action took!

  4. libhom Says:
  5. The other religious group is Tikkun.

    I have issues with the American Friends Peace Committee. In addition to being a religious group involved in politics, they oppose hate crimes laws. The reasons they give sound progressive, but I don't buy them.

  6. GDAEman Says:
  7. I too changed the form, and made shorter... might actually be read by a person. Thanks for the link.

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. Actually, sorry. I's American Friends Service Committee. I wasn't aware of their stand on hate crimes. I think they do very good work and I wouldn't discount them just because of that.



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