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Senate Republicans Deliberately Sabotaging the Economy

Posted by libhom Saturday, December 13, 2008

Of course, anti union and anti middle class sentiment plays a role in efforts by Senate Republicans to block the auto worker bailout. It also provides a convenient pretext.

It's become pretty obvious, at least to me, that the GOP is using a desperate and risky political strategy. They are doing everything they can to make the economy implode, hoping that Democrats will be blamed for it in 2010. They won't be satisfied until the current recession becomes a depression. Of course, if voters pay attention to who is blocking legislative action, it will backfire big time.

This shows how intellectually and morally bankrupt the GOP has become. They are willing to deliberately trash the country in a pathetic attempt to regain power. These days, I'm not to thrilled with the excess of conservative policies being accepted by "Democrats." However, I can't help but notice how much the Republicans deserve to lose elections, by huge margins. They seem obsessed with being the greater of two evils.


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  1. i was thinking this too, they want to mess it up and than point the finger at Obama and the dems



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