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Some Worthwhile Causes

Posted by libhom Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm catching up on my end of year giving, and I thought I would share the names some of organizations that I gave to in hopes of helping them out a bit. I know these are difficult times, but those difficulties are affecting non profits too. If you haven't been screwed over yet by the crappy right wing economy, I urge you to support some of these organizations or other groups working to make this world a better and more progressive place.

(American) Foundation for AIDS Research:
I'm not clear if the word "American" is still in the title, but amFAR has been the most activist and research oriented of the big money AIDS organizations. They won't let people forget that the world needs a cure for AIDS. Treatments for AIDS are much better than nothing, but they aren't good enough.

I certainly complain enough about rightist bias in the corporate media. I might as well financially support independent media. Common Dreams is a wonderful progressive news and opinion aggregator. They also have a listing of press releases called Progressive Newswire which is great fodder for blog postings.

Democracy Now!
This is the best radio/tv news magazine in the country. Amy Goodman and her crew get out more information than corporate media outlets with much larger budgets. Like a lot of liberal and progressive bloggers, I regularly quote Democracy Now stories.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF):
There are lots of organizations that support state/church separation. One thing that sets FFRF apart is that they take state/church separation cases from plaintiffs who are atheists. Many other groups refuse to out of prejudice or because they are afraid that such plaintiffs cannot win. (They can and often do win.) FFRF also does excellent work educating the public about atheists and atheism.

NYC's LGBT Center:
Like a variety of queer community centers in this country, this center in Manhattan provides a central place and meeting spaces for a variety of community groups. If you can, please support your local lgbt center. If you don't have one, try asking around and seeing if there are people working on bringing one to where you live.
they make a huge difference.

Pride @ Work:
This lgbt labor group has worked hard on including gender identity in ENDA, supporting union organizing, and teaching unions how to write lgbt supportive contract. Supporting Pride @ Work is a great way to accomplish a lot of things with a single donation.

WBAI Radio:
This is one of the Pacifica Network stations in NYC. They have an excellent queer radio show, Out-FM. You can listen to WBAI online or at 99.5 FM in the NYC area to gain a variety of perspectives you won't get from corporate media outlets.

Don't give until it hurts, but please find worthwhile organizations to help get through these terrible times.



  1. I support Democracy Now! because it's the only thing worth hearing on my local public radio station. It's the only hour of news and interviews thathas not been tainted by the need to to tilt to the right.

  2. Great list brother. I especially like the AIDS one, the Common Dreams one (I love CD) and the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Happy New Year!!

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. Democracy Now! is a very worthwhile news program. Whatever would we do without it? I've lapsed in my support for them mostly because I can't tune in to either the radio or TV show but I do use their website.

    The AIDS effort is also always important to keep on the radar. Hell, all of them are good!

    I did think about what you said regarding AFSC and I sent money to an anti-malaria effort for Africa, instead. I have tried to keep the African continent on my radar; it's so easy to forget.

    Equality CA ate up most of my donation money earlier this year. Bastards! The Prop 8 proponents, I mean.

  5. libhom Says:
  6. Dr. Monkey and Handsome: Democracy Now and CommonDreams.org both are terribly important in this corporate media age. I'm glad they have your support.

    Pagan Sphinx: You make an excellent point about keeping Africa on the radar. If not for WBAI radio, I would hear almost nothing about that entire continent (except Egypt and Somalia).



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