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The tremendous bigotry against Arabs and Muslims makes many people shut off their brains when the subject of the Israel/Palestine conflict comes up. Facts become evil, not just irrelevant. One fact that is largely censored is that Israel has been waging campaigns of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians for decades. Here are some examples of what Israel has done.

- Gradually seizing land in Palestine for Jewish only settlements.

- Requiring building permits for construction in Palestine, and routinely denying such permits to Palestinians. The locals who build without the permits by the foreign power, Israel, get their homes demolished.

- Putting Gaza under a long siege in order to try to drive the people out of there.

- Launching far more terrorist attacks against the Palestinians than the Palestinians have launched against Israel.

- Building a "security wall" in the middle of Palestinian territory, cutting off families and communities.

- Requiring that Palestinians go through numerous "security checkpoints" designed to destroy social cohesion and economic viability in Palestine.

- Claiming that Israel has rights to Palestinian territory.

- Dishonestly playing the role of the victim in order to justify what they are doing to the Palestinian people.

I'm not terribly fond of Hamas, but I know why they are so popular among the Palestinians. They are the only organization left that fights back against Isreal's ethnic cleansing campaigns.

These are ugly truths that are largely censored by the corporate media. But, we need to face them. Our country pays a major part of the bill to maintain this ethnic cleansing.



  1. Jimmy Says:
  2. The Palestinians freely elected their government and the Bush administration walked away from the peace process when Hamas was given political legitimacy by those who elected them. The hypocrisy on our part speaks for itself. Jimmy Carter to a lot of heat from pro-Israeli forces across the globe for his book about how Israel has conducted itself within Palestinian territory. No one seems to speak for the Palestinians in DC, no one that counts at any rate.

  3. dguzman Says:
  4. As long as the pro-Rapture Jesus freaks in governmentkeep kissing Israel's ass, these truths will continue to go unregarded. It's like they're the U.S. of the Middle East.

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. The US will never criticize Israel because the christians see it as their duty to protect the jews.

    Once again, the religiosity of America ruins everything.

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. I, too, wonder when all this will end. It's all so very tragic.

  9. I have to disagree with your post here. I think that both sides have been less than helpful to the peace process. For every point that you raise there is an Israeli counterpoint that is just as persuasive, which brings us to a feud that will never end.

    I also have suspicions that this battle may be a way to draw Iran into the mix so they will have an excuse to bomb the nuclear power plant.

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. I don't expect that U.S. policy and support of Israel will change much under Obama. No surprise there.



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