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Posted by libhom Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We can not rely on politicians to create change. We need to fight for it. Here are some things you can do to fight for change.

1) Oppose "Abstinence Only" Scams
Militant Christian fundamentalists have been foisting what they pretend it "abstinence only education" on the public schools for years. These are basically anti-sex nagging used in place of legitimate sex education. Preaching this nonsense instead of teaching our youth about their bodies results in higher levels of unplanned pregnancies HIV infection rates. The National Partnership for Women and Families has an Action Alert calling on President Obama not to include this crap in the final version of his budget which he will submit in April.

Tell the White House "No More Abstinence Only Scams"

2) Support the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and a Trans Inclusive ENDA
There are so many reasons to support this legislation. Making it harder for employers to intimidate employees into not joining unions is a basic matter of fairness. Organized labor is a strong ally of lgbt issues and the issues of other disenfranchised groups in our society. Strengthening unions is a matter of practical politics for queers, women, and people of color. Also, increasing unionization improves the quality of lives for union workers. Indirectly, it helps non union workers because it pushes up wages and benefits across industries.

Of course, there also is the issue of balancing the power between various classes in our society. A strong labor movement means that the rich don't have absolute power over our nation's politics.

The Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) is federal legislation banning most employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Harry Reid tried to get the gender identity protections taken out last sessions. But, gender identity is back for now.

Pride @ Work sent me an email asking people to fill out an Action Alert from organized labor supporting both the EFCA and ENDA. Here's Pride @ Work's take on the Employee Free Choice Act:

The Employee Free Choice Act was just introduced! Simply put, this legislation will allow employees to make their own decision about whether they want to bargain together - to advocate for fairer wages, benefits and working conditions - without the threat or fear of harassment and retribution and fear of losing their livelihood.

With no federal workplace protections, the LGBT community is already especially vulnerable on the job. Easier access to collectively bargained, inclusive contracts will benefit LGBT workers and their families immensely, especially during these tough times.

Support ENDA and EFCA Now!

3) Help People Facing Foreclosures
I'm amazed that there isn't a federal effort to stop foreclosures altogether for a few years, but this is a good step in that direction. Consumers Union is supporting legislation to help people keep their homes.
During its work this week on economic stimulus and the banking system rescue, Congress may allow struggling homeowners facing bankruptcy to restructure their mortgage payments and stay in their homes. This proposal won't cost taxpayers a cent, and is expected to save a million homes.

But some of the same financial institutions whose lending recklessness got us into this economic mess are fighting the change!

Right now, bankruptcy courts can modify all sorts of loans -- for corporations, commercial real estate, even vacation homes -- but can't do the same for families on the verge of losing their only home. The change would let homeowners get the same chance to restructure their loan and keep paying their mortgage.

Take Actions to Prevent Foreclosures!



  1. badthing1 Says:
  2. Hi Libhom :)

    You are SOOO right, my friend. We CAN'T rely upon politicians to create change, and that's why we have to keep on relying upon the power that we already wield which are:

    Our votes, our ability to e-mail, snail mail, use the telephone, blog, and participate in civil disobedience protests to our representatives until they can't HELP but hear what we are saying about every single issue that is important to all of us.

    As usual I am loving what you are saying.

  3. Good points!

  4. Brian Says:
  5. Abstinence-only education worked wonders for the Palin girl, didn't it? That poor girl and her now-ex-bf were no match for one of their most basic biological drives.

    As a biologist, it astounds me that people believe that they can force their kids to ignore their urges until marriage.



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