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CODEPINK Remembers Bloody Iraq Anniversary

Posted by libhom Saturday, March 21, 2009

The corporate media are downplaying the story, because they don't want us to think about the people being slaughtered in Iraq. They would prefer that we feel sorry for the rich people who were so irresponsible that they were easy pickings for Madoff. CODEPINK isn't forgetting.

From their 3/12/09 press release:

CODEPINK women across America to mark Iraq War’s sixth anniversary
Call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, aid to Afghanistan, end to war economy

WHAT: Events nationwide organized around sixth anniversary of Iraq War, occupation of Afghanistan
WHEN: March 14 to March 20
WHERE: Cities and towns across America

NATIONWIDE — To recognize and mourn six tragic years of war in Iraq, CODEPINK
women across America on its anniversary this year will host rallies, film screenings, marches and conferences, connecting the failing U.S. economy with continued military spending.

This March 14 to 21, most will call on Pres. Obama to keep his campaign promise to withdraw all troops from Iraq by early 2010, urge him to stop any military efforts in Afghanistan and rely on diplomacy first and last. They will also call for investigation and prosecution of U.S. officials, proper care for American veterans and refugees.

“After six devastating years of war, thousands of people from San Francisco to Central Florida are planning inspiring marches, vigils, film screenings and more to continue the call for end to war, proper care for veterans, and a reinvestment in America,” said Rae Abileah, CODEPINK’s local groups’ coordinator. “In every pocket of the country this month, they’ll tell Obama they want U.S.-Middle East foreign
relations to be replaced with diplomacy and peaceful solutions.”

Born in the lead up to the Iraq War in 2003, CODEPINK Women for Peace has become a vibrant, creative voice in the peace movement, an outlet especially for women in the United States and worldwide. The consistent hard work of thousands in more than 200 chapters worldwide has helped to turn public opinion against the atrocities of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza.

Nearly two dozen sixth anniversary events are planned thus far nationwide, and more are currently being finalized. For updated information, please visit the CODEPINK website here.

The call for ending the war economy is telling. If we keep shoveling resources to an effort to dominate and humiliate Iraq, that could very well push us into another Great Depression.



  1. JayV Says:
  2. Not much coverage today of the Pentagon action. WTF! Yahoo news put the count at a few hundred.

  3. Lew Scannon Says:
  4. The news tonight actually covered the protests around the country, including some local ones. If only they had done that from the beginning, we never would have been in this war.



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