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Reminder: Blog Against Theocracy, April 10-12

Posted by libhom Sunday, March 15, 2009

Church with American flag altered to replace the stars with a cross, all in a no symbol
Graphic: Used with permission from My Thoughts Are Free

Visit the Blog Against Theocracy site for information on how to participate.

The breadth of grassroots support for the Christian Taliban has waned since the AWOL Rapture around 2000 and the miserable failure of the last regime and its militant fundamentalist leader, George W. Bush. However, the fundies still have an enormous organizational network, and wounded animals often are the most ferocious. As the chances of the Christian extremists to become the majority in our society become close to nil, the Rick Warrens of this country will be even more determined to seek power via extraconstitutional means.

This is no time for supporters of state/church separation to be complacent or celebrate victory. This struggle has years left.



  1. Brian Says:
  2. I'm more concerned about the Scott Livelys of the world than the Rick Warrens. Have you read about what's been going on in his Sacramento-based "church?" Now hehas taken his hate on the road to Uganda.

  3. thepoetryman Says:
  4. Years and years before this battle is won.



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