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RNC Chair Michael Steele did the unthinkable. He tried to win elections for the GOP.

By trying to distance the GOP from the voluminous Rush Limbaugh, Steele attempted to do what any competent professional would do in his job. The vast majority of Americans think that Limbaugh is worse than anything you could ever scrape off of your shoe.

I've read that Steele already has backed down to the lunatics who have been captured into an orbit of Limbaugh. Planet Limbaugh has conquered the GOP. However, the Rushtroopers have scorched the ground of the GOP in the process.

Poor babies.


1 Responses to Michael Steele Just Committed the Ultimate Offense in GOP Politics These Days

  1. C Woods Says:
  2. I can't bellieve he caved to Limbaugh. No guts.

    I hated, I mean HATED George Bush, but I never wished failure for him. I thought many of his policies were misguided, but I hoped against hope they would somehow turn out to be good for the country and its people or that he would change course.

    I think Limbaugh says outrageous things because he is power hungry and was starved for attention as a child so needs as much as he can get now. And, of course, there is the fact that the more outrageous he is, the more listeners he attracts, the more stations carry him, the more money he makes.

    Rush is certainly entitled to his opinions. Personally, I can't understand how any person can be that negative. Before the election, I started to listen to liberal radio, but I could only take so much Republican bashing --even though I was voting against them. Being that negative warps one ---and I do believe Rush is warped ---and full of about a ton of hot air.



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