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Did Obama Make a Dirty Deal with the Bush People?

Posted by libhom Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Obama giving speech before small audienceI've been wondering about this, but I didn't have the balls/ovaries to write it first. Here's a shoutout to Advice Unasked.

But, croaks the Raven, I don't think that where it's at. It looks to me like a bargain was struck with the criminals of the Bush administration, just like the bargains made with other corrupt dictators who have been forced, finally, to leave office: defend us, let us retire, and we will go quietly. Frankly, I'm astonished. These people have already "left" public life. Unless they are punished, they will return again, or their next generation. I don't want to see another pointless war of aggression, I don't want another great depression, I want my civil rights back, I want all these things for future generations as well. There is also an ethical problem: this is corrupting. If the biggest criminals get off, what reason is there for the rest of us to toe the line? Corruption breeds corruption. And what are we going to do when the Arab/Islamic world decides that, under the Bush doctrines of enforcement of national laws internationally, they can deal out justice against these people within our own borders?

Deals with murderous dictators are nothing new in other countries. It certainly would explain a lot.

image of vampire Bush biting the bleeding neck of the statue of liberty
Image: George W. Bush addenta il collo della Statua della Libertà.
(George W. Bush bites Statue of Liberty's neck.)
Stencil. Authors: Soggett & Ego.
Via Bologna - Andria (Ba) - Italy
Photo: smeerch


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  1. I like you a lot!
    Cindy Sheehan



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