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Bill Clinton Lies About Military Ban, DOMA at Netroots Nation

Posted by libhom Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hat tip Fishbowl America!

Let's start with the military ban. Bill Clinton claims that the problem with his deceptively labeled "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was with its implementation despite the fact that he deliberately designed it to increase the number of discharges and witchhunts. Queer veterans groups at the time were warning people that this version was even worse than the version Reagan put in place as an Executive Order.

Clinton also lied about congressional support to sustain a veto of a military ban. In 1993, 35 Senators voted to lift the ban completely with no support from the Clinton White House. It only takes 34 Senators to sustain a veto.

Here are a couple of facts about the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that you may not know.

1) Military commanders are allowed to launch investigations of sexual orientation without anyone coming out based on any or no evidence. These witchhunts even have involved placing undercover military police in gay bars.

2) If a soldier tells her mother she is a lesbian, she is violating "DADT" and is subject to discharge.

3) If a marine tells his boyfriend he is gay, he is violating "DADT" and is subject to discharge.

(That's why it pisses me off when people call it "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" itself is one of Bill Clinton's homophobic lies.)

Bill Clinton also lied about DOMA. He said he didn't want to sign it, yet he ran campaign ads in 1996 on fundamentalist Christian radio bragging about signing it. Oops!

Lane Hudson deserves a lot of credit for challenging this vicious and evil bigot. I find it disturbing how little support he got from the audience. It shows how serious a problem heterosexism is at Netroots Nation. That a vicious and evil bigot like Clinton was invited to speak at a supposedly liberal grassroots conference is truly disturbing. It isn't that surprising, given the fact that Netroots Nation was started by the center right, sexist, and homophobic Daily Kos.

Clinton's bigotry was hardly limited to his heterosexual supremacy. He pushed fraudulent "welfare reform" legislation designed to scapegoat and punish women of color because we live in a society without full employment. Clinton also supported high interest rate policies of the Federal Reserve deliberately designed to keep unemployment higher than it otherwise would be in order to promote downward pressure on middle class wages. Bill Clinton's crusade to undermine affirmative action is yet another example of his racism.

Let's not forget that Clinton maintained sanctions on Iraq long after the first US/Iraq War was over. These sanctions killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Bill Clinton isn't just a racist. He's a genocidal racist. In fact, under international law, Clinton should be serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity.

If you look at policy rather than rhetoric, it is obvious how little difference there is between Bill Clinton and the most bigoted of Republicans. If you think there is a meaningful difference, you have fallen for the hype.



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. What really ticked me off was the reaction of the phony progressive Kossacks who booed Lane for daring to ask the Great and Powerful Bill Clinton to address his signing both DADT and DOMA.

    How dare this queer speak the truth to a Clinton? Bill and Hillary are the patron saints of the faux lefties and infallible!

    The Kossacks had their collective tongues so far up Bill's arse they came out Hillary's mouth.

  3. Tengrain Says:
  4. Kossacks = Whole Food Liberals.

    Lane is a brave kid for poking Clenis in the eye, but notice how no one either stands up for him, and no one questions Big Dawg's absolutely disgraceful lies in response.

    It just bugged me beyond words that Clinton can revise history like that, and no one calls him on it. What a narcissist. He cannot own up to any mistake.



  5. Jimmy Says:
  6. I don't recall anyone twisting his arm to sign DOMA. Why did he sign it if he didn't want to?



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