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CNN Lies to Protect the Right

Posted by libhom Friday, August 21, 2009

While I was channel surfing Wednesday night, I made the mistake of stopping at the Corporate News Network. The focus was on the people comparing Obama to Hitler.

The people mostly were followers of the rightist nutjob Lyndon LaRouche, the same guy who put a proposition on the California ballot that would have put people with AIDS in concentration camps if it had passed. CNN's corporate shill made a point of calling these people "far left." This not only is factually incorrect. It is patently offensive.

Make no mistake. The Corporate Nonsense Network had an agenda. With other rightists trying to silence opposing views at townhalls this summer, the corporate media are trying to create the impression that the nuts are evenly distributed. Never mind the fact that all the nuts at the forums on healthcare are from the right.

Then, they had pundits babbling about how there supposedly are legitimate objections to government run healthcare. Unless you work for an HMO/health insurer or own stock in those vicious corporations or you are a rich scumbag who doesn't want to pay for the social responsibility we all have to make sure everyone has healthcare, it is completely idiotic to oppose government provided healthcare. Single payer is cheaper than what we have now. More people get care, and the quality of care is dramatically higher. No one on the show said anything supporting government provided healthcare.

I've got to stop watching the Corporate Neocon Network. I'm almost completely out of patience with talking heads insulting my intelligence with infantile lies.



  1. Writer Says:
  2. I hate CNN as much as I hate Fox. They both have the same corporate sponsors and I get tired of all the anti-healthcare ads and no matter where I look (at my server job there are TVs in every corner) I see G. Gordon Liddy trying to buy people's gold out from under them.

  3. Dave Dubya Says:
  4. Corporate News is the primary reason this country is so ignorant.

    Lies are treated the same as truth.

    And that NAZI crap got my blood pressure up into a rant. AARRRGGH!

  5. the media sucks
    they all suck - there only purpose is to sell soap and soda

    not report news

    and cnn is worse than fox in many ways



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