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Fight LGBT Employment Discrimination

Posted by libhom Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We've heard similar rhetoric before, but ...

(From The Advocate 4/13/10 - Hat Tip AKA William)

House majority leader Steny Hoyer said Tuesday that the body will likely take up the Employment Non-Discrimination Act this year. According to Congressional Quarterly, Hoyer said the legislation, which would institute a federal ban on job discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, is less controversial now than it has been in the past. The bill, H.R. 3017, currently has 198 cosponsors.

From CQ: “Hoyer said most lawmakers already are on the record on the issue because the House passed similar legislation in 2007 to bar employment discrimination based on sexual preference. ‘So it’s not like this is a new issue for the members,’ said Hoyer, D-Md."

The comments are significant as Congress returns to work this week and political observers look for signals from Democratic leadership regarding what type of legislation the Democratic caucus is willing to engage.

I'm a bit concerned that he didn't also mention gender identity. We need to remind our representatives that including trans people and closing this legal loophole is rather important.

In any case, this isn't a call for relaxation. It's a call to action. There isn't going to be a House vote unless we push for it.

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1 Responses to Fight LGBT Employment Discrimination

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. just make sure that there is complete inclusion of Transgender people too. No one is protected if we are not. Every Gender Variant person is at risk. there is a good version of the bill in the Senate. It has been getting tossed around in committee so please communicate to your reps that a non inclusive bill or an incremental bill or a bill that has a requirement about EXPENSIVE surgical status is not OK. Trans folks cannot be thrown under the bus AGAIN by Barney Frank or the HRC again. thanks for listening , love you GLH.



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