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Why Hasn´t Obama Cancelled His Offshore Drilling Plans?

Posted by libhom Thursday, April 29, 2010

As the oil leak in the Gulf keeps getting bigger, one has to wonder if Obama administration officials will get their collective heads out of their asses and cancel their offshore drilling plans. Like the Bush regime, President Obama treats Big Oil as if it is one of the few industries in the country worth noticing.

What about fishing? What about tourism?

Then, there´s the whole problem of Global Warming, one Obama still doesn´t take seriously. He hasn´t even tried to start the massive expansion of our cities´ subways systems that is desperately needed to fight climate change and provide lasting green jobs. ¨Drill baby, drill¨ seems to be just as much an Obama slogan as a Sarah Palin slogan.

Can this administration spare us some real change?



  1. Jimmy Says:
  2. If charges that leftist, socialist ideology were employed by Obama were actually based on evidence, rather than fear-mongering by the right, independents would reject the idea that Obama is an ultra-liberal and realize that Obama's administration is really Clinton's third term.

  3. He will. By focusing on nuclear next. Wait, after clean coal. Christ, this administration is appalling. He had a fucking mandate and he's wasting it. On purpose, I think.

  4. JDM Says:
  5. Obamco=Bushco=kkklintoneCo=RayGunCo

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Not really surprised. Disappointed, certainly, but not surprised.

  8. I'm terribly disappointed on his stands on both the environment and education.

  9. Not doing well by labor, the gays and people who want access to health care, either, Todd.

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. It makes me wonder if the we would have been better off without a Dem in office. American politics are really disappointing for any real liberal. Righty shills paint Obama as some kind of Marxist, but he's an arm's reach away from Bush.



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