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Priests Rape Girls Too

Posted by libhom Monday, April 12, 2010

Ratzinger looking even more evil than usualThe rape of boys by Roman Catholic priests is getting plenty of attention. However, the rape of girls by RCC clerics is not getting the news coverage it should. The accusations against Rev. Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul have been an exception to this pattern. (New York Times 4/5/10)

A Catholic priest who has been criminally charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Minnesota six years ago is still working in his home diocese in India despite warnings to the Vatican from an American bishop that the priest continued to pose a risk to children, according to church documents made public on Monday.

The documents show that the American bishop warned the Vatican that the priest was accused of molesting two teenage girls whose trust he gained by promising to discuss their interest in becoming nuns.

The Associated Press has reported that two girls in Spain, 10 and 11, were raped. However, this was buried in a story about the rape of boys, and hasn't gotten picked up much, at least in the US media.

SNAP, Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests, does take the sexual abuse of girls by priests seriously. Here are some examples from their website.

Philadelphia: Priest removed after fondling teenage girl

California: Priest molested 12 year old girl

Ohio: Vatican elevated priest after he abused girl

Chicago: 14 year old girl raped by priest

Although the rape of girls by Roman Catholic priests is quite common, coverage of it is less common and less prominent than the rape of boys in our country. The reflects heterosexism and misogyny. Rapes that are viewed as heterosexual just aren't taken as seriously in our society. A culture that values girls less than boys predictably takes sexual abuse against girls less seriously.

We need to put the spotlight on all rape by priests. By not focusing enough on the rape of girls by the Roman Catholic clergy, we are unintentionally aiding Ratzi and his Vatican toadies in their efforts to cover up these crimes against people with two X chromosomes.

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  1. He's completely disgraced...

  2. Lew Scannon Says:
  3. Not only is the sexual abuse by priests not exclusive to just boys, it's not even exclusive to the Catholics.



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