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Three Things You Can Do to Fight Global Warming

Posted by libhom Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sign with Area Closed: Oil Spill

1. Tell Barack Bush You Don't Want Any More Offshore Drilling
Now that Barack Bush has announced that he will open up parts of America's coastline to Big Oil and big oil spills, people need to take action. Sarah Palin may like the idea of "drill, baby drill," but responsible people know that we need to end our habit of drilling for more oil instead of building more trains. A lot of the coverage of this focuses on the danger to the beaches and the tourism industry. Those problems are very real, but we also need to keep a focus on impacts on climate change.

People who care about the environment, unlike our President, are urging that he reverse this shocking and disgusting decision. If you aren't familiar with the issue, the Center for American Progress has ten reasons why the drilling shouldn't happen.

Sign 350.org's Petition!

Sign Firedog Lake's Petition!

Also, you can join the Facebook Group Against the Offshore Drilling. (not affiliated with Firedog Lake)

2. Tell the House and Senate to Pressure the World Bank not to Subsidize Global Warming
Friends of the Earth is working on the following campaign:
The World Bank is expected to vote April 8 on whether to approve a $3.75 billion loan to help South African electricity company Eskom build a massive new polluting coal plant. South African civil society groups are demanding clean energy instead and organizing to fight this loan. They've asked for our help.

Congress controls the World Bank's purse strings, which means that your members of Congress have the power to hold the World Bank accountable.

Ask your representative and senators to take a public stand against dirty coal and urge the U.S. to vote “no” on this loan.

Watch the Friends of the Earth Video

Take Action!

photo of the trunks of enormous trees3. Tell Congress to Block Clearcutting Effort in Alaska Rainforests:
The Wilderness Society and Care2 have a petition against clearcutting in Alaska. The effected rainforests capture a lot of CO2, and the planet can't afford to lose them now.
Legislation currently working its way through Congress could give a single corporation, Sealaska, the green light to log some of the best, oldest and most biologically-rich areas left in Tongass National Forest in Alaska.

The Tongass is one of the last remaining, largely intact temperate rainforests in the world -- home to all five species of salmon, black and brown bears, wolves, whales and rare birds. With more than half of the largest trees clearcut, protecting what is left is of paramount importance.

Sealaska Corporation, which has a history of clearcutting its lands, is seeking ownership of some of the most ecologically and biologically diverse parts of the Tongass National Forest. In fact, the lands targeted by Sealaska have more than ten times the habitat value of other Tongass forest land!

A House hearing is scheduled for March 17th and a Senate Committee could soon decide the fate of the Tongass National Forest. Send a letter to Congress and urge them to protect the Tongass from expanded logging and commercial development.

Their main concern is protecting plant and animal species. My main priority is fighting global warming. Regardless of which is more important to you, the conclusion is the same.

Please Contact Congress!

There some big battles on climate change, but there are lots of small ones that need to be fought to. Trying to keep our species from thoroughly trashing this planet is a big job.

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