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The Freedom From Religion Foundation on Arresting Ratzinger

Posted by libhom Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ratzinger looking even more evil than usualThere is very little that makes sense in the corporate media's discussion of the rape of children by Roman Catholic clergy. That's why it is so important for people outside that corporate bubble to be the media.

FFRF did just that when they discussed the idea by Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens to have Ratzinger arrested if he shows up for his dog and pony show in the UK.

In other news of the week, atheism's eminent spokespersons, Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, gave the freethought world a chuckle with their eminently sensible suggestion that Pope Benedict XVI be arrested by authorities when he visits the United Kingdom next September. British attorneys have suggested several scenarios. My favorite involves several wealthy Catholic donors who sue the pope for misusing their contributions to defend priests and hush victims.

Dawkins wrote in The Guardian: "Why is anyone surprised, much less shocked, when Christopher Hitchens and I call for the prosecution of the pope, if he goes ahead with his proposed visit to Britain? The only strange thing about our proposal is that it had to come from us: where have the world's governments been all this time?"

Where indeed? As FFRF keeps asking and has asked since 1988: When will a U.S. prosecutor or district attorney finally charge a bishop for coverup and collusion?

The lack of action by our government, like the inaction of so many governments, should be shocking, but it isn't. The Roman Catholic Church is so powerful it gets away with all sorts of terrible things.

Though it's less horrible than the RCC clergy's rampant rape of children, their constant violation of their tax exempt status results in absolutely no action whatsoever by the IRS. A typical middle class American has plenty to fear from the IRS, but a church riddled with child rapists can flaunt tax laws all it wants.

Administrations starting decades ago all the way up to the Obama administration should have demanded Joseph Ratzinger's extradition. Yet, nothing has happened. Nothing.

Religion is one of the most corrupting forces in society.

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1 Responses to The Freedom From Religion Foundation on Arresting Ratzinger

  1. Why are governments not going after the church for its criminal acts? Professional courtesy.
    That said, Marx had it right, no?



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