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Has Meg Whitman Created or Destroyed More Jobs?

Posted by libhom Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Meg Whitman's multi million dollar campaign to buy the California governor's office keeps running the same repetitive ad where her creepy spokesperson likes to brag about the jobs she created at the consumer hostile EBay. Yet, Whitman's campaign keeps quiet about the job killing effects of the corporation she ran.

Job killing effects of EBay? Is that heresy?

Yeah, it's heretical. Heresy is fun and generally quite rational.

The first industry where EBay killed jobs is the news industry. EBay, along with Craig's List, Monster, and Dice, devastated one of the biggest revenue streams for newspapers: classified advertising. Not only were jobs lost in classified ad sales, the lost ad revenue cost a lot of jobs in the newsroom as well.

Then, there are small Internet stores and online presences of small businesses online that were choked out by EBay's marketing juggernaut. Most of these businesses treated customers much better than EBay did while Queen Meg ran it.

It would be interesting to see a detailed accounting of the net jobs effect of Meg Whitman's EBay.


1 Responses to Has Meg Whitman Created or Destroyed More Jobs?

  1. i will say it - meg whitman is a whore

    media and money whore




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