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Klan Brewer's Heterosexism

Posted by libhom Sunday, September 05, 2010

Klan Brewer's fanatical obsession with her white supremacist agenda certainly has gotten a lot of attention. Lately, her stupidity is in the spotlight. But, what about her heterosexism?

Brewer's bigotry against us started before she went on her notorious racism binge. (From Change.org's Gay Rights section)

But long before Brewer was running over the rights of people of color and huffing and puffing about immigration, she was also targeting Arizona's gay and lesbian population. Right after taking over for former Governor Napolitano, Brewer signed legislation that dismantled a domestic partnership program in Arizona that allowed state employees to extend benefits to their domestic partners, as well as their children. She did this by switching up the word "dependent," so that it meant only those spouses or children that were products of straight folks (or, in other words, "traditional marriage").

The move drew outrage from many around the state, including folks from the University of Arizona, which were dramatically impacted by Brewer's decision to redefine family. Liz Sawyer, an employee at the school and a spokesperson for a staff group, OUTReach, that works on behalf of LGBT rights, called Brewer's move "deplorable" and "tragic." After all, this was a callous move by Brewer to swipe benefits away from men, women and children.

The queer community, the Obama Administration, and Arizona all would have been better off if Janet Napolitano hadn't been appointed to run Homeland Security, allowing Klan Brewer to slide into the governor's mansion.

1 Responses to Klan Brewer's Heterosexism

  1. Jonny Gray Says:
  2. Homophobia, sexism, racism, and xenophobia (among others) go hand-in-hand. No, they are not the same things. But anyone who fights for the rights of oppressed minorities should remember that those who oppress (1) do so equally across difference and (2) depend on a lack of coalition (if not outright animosity) among different oppressed groups.

    Klan Brewer's entire political career is built on pursuing scapegoats. And, unfortunately, this strategy is working with voters.



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