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A Tornado Watch in NYC?

Posted by libhom Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today, there was a tornado watch for NYC. WTF?

There were tornadoes and a microburst a couple of weeks ago here too. Of the 10-12 tornadoes in NYC since the 50s, four of them have happened in the past four years. Yesterday was the hottest day in recorded history in Los Angeles.

The weather keeps getting stranger and further out of normal ranges. Yet, most corporate media reporting fails to even mention Global Warming, which must be playing some roll in the odd weather here in the US and abroad.

Big Coal and Big Oil are major advertisers and auto companies are bigger advertisers. The people who are executives and corporate media owners are nutty rightists who don't give a rats butt about the planet or the unwashed masses who can't flee from the consequences of climate change.

The same pliant media that lied on behalf of British Petroleum, laughably parroting claims that microbes had eaten most of the spilled oil (which is at the Gulf bottom where one would expect it to be), is using Pravda style censorship on Global Warming. And, they wonder why people don't want to pay for their defective products.



  1. Yep. And I heard it was 113 degrees in LA. Holy christ. But global climate change is a hoax. It may be too late to turn things back. So, do we all move north? If not us, then the kids in our families.

  2. Ahab Says:
  3. This is why I'm grateful for the blogosphere. In an age of increasing homogenization of the media, blogs can provide new information and fresh perspectives. You have scrutinize content to make sure it's sound, of course, but blogs do provide a useful service.

  4. Yes it's terrible... And the melting ice caps... It's all so deeply frustrating that we can't do more...

  5. Tim Says:
  6. Yeah we we under a tornado watch here the other day. Hell I was hoping.
    As far as Armageddon I'm Armageddon tired of waiting for it. Bring it on!
    btw like your diggs. Nice job on things..



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