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Rightist Makes Fool Out of Himself at Groundbreaking for Bush Library

Posted by libhom Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If this library reflected what Bush actually was as a man, it would be filled with coloring books.

Bush Blog: Tempers Flare Between Bush Supporters, Protesters from SMUDailyMustang.com on Vimeo.

If the video already wasn't funny enough, there actually are far right bloggers who are posting it and praising the fool.

SMU has completely degraded itself and devalued the degress of its graduates by hosting this farce. Bush was never even president, having illegally occupied the White House for eight years due to two stolen elections. Yet, the GOP and SMU pranksters are actually calling it a "presidential library."

The wingnut in the video certainly shows the anti intellectual mentality of the far right. So does SMU.

What's next? Is SMU going to start the Dan Quayle School of Philosophy? The Glenn Beck School of Critical Thinking? The Sarah Palin School of Communications?



  1. Dave Dubya Says:
  2. This is a great example of how the authoritarians need to "win" by being louder. Gotta hand it to the liberal for his cool demeanor.

  3. Ahab Says:
  4. :: facepalm ::

    That was painful to watch. Accusations of socialism and hand-outs, an obligatory swipe at Soros, inflamed demeanors ... all mindless right-wing gibberish. How on earth can you reason with people like this!?

  5. TomCat Says:
  6. Wouldn't coloring books be out of place there considering that Texas Torquemada would never stay inside the lines?



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