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Great Ad Against Obama's Tax Cuts for the Rich

Posted by libhom Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is going to be running an ad fighting back against Barack Bush's tax cuts for the rich.

This is exactly what liberals and progressives should be doing. Confronting corrupt politicians, regardless of party, is the only way we are going to restore democracy and freedom to America.

Continuing Bush's tax cuts for the rich is inexcusable. It is typical of what we have experienced from corrupt rightists like Bill Clinton, who cut taxes for the rich himself by cutting capital gains taxes.

Here's the embed code if you want to run this on your blog:

They are raising funds to run this ad.

You also can sign the petition against Barack Bush's tax cuts for the rich.



  1. i get the compromise part - and trust me i HATE the fact he had to compromise

    what i dont get is the absolute and unabashed greed of the rich in this country - who have so much from the backs of the prolitariat (sp?) - and give SO LITTLE in return

    what no one talks about about is the fact the cuts were just on the margin only amounted to an increase of about 3% - on the margin.

    this is truly class warfare and the media as the enablers - the rich are winning big time (billions for the rich - NO $250 for the seniors or money for the first responders)

    there are 300,000,000 people who make less than $250,000 - why arent they screaming?

  2. libhom Says:
  3. DCap: Obama didn't have to take this "compromise." He had lots of other options.

    I've been reading news coverage of this administration even during the transition where they were looking for an excuse to continue Bush's tax cuts for the rich. This wasn't a cave in to the GOP, it was a pretext for what Barack Bush wanted to do all along.

  4. Thomas Says:
  5. The President would do much better if he would just come out and call the Republicans on their bullshit. Tell it like it is. The Republicans push a series of policies that are based on racism, homophobia, wealth-privilege and evangelical nonsense.

    Why can't he figure out what to call a spade?



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