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Obama Doesn't Care What the American People Think

Posted by libhom Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Obama looking sillyLiberals are understandably pissed at Obama's decision to openly push for tax cuts for the rich after pretending for so long he opposed them. Obama's support for cutting taxes for the rich, taxes that were way too low before his ideological bff George W. Bush took office, proves beyond any possible doubt that the President is as bought and paid for as any other Republican.

Why doesn't he just fess up and change his party registration to GOP?

I tried to call the White House to express my opposition to his latest betrayal, and I got a busy signal twice. Given how pissed off people are at President Obama now, that alone wouldn't be surprising. However, I have called the White House on numerous occasions, and the number always gives a busy signal during the extremely limited business hours, and they don't take messages during the rest of the day. I've called on days when nothing even remotely interesting was going on in the business cycle, and still got busy signals.

Obviously, Barack Obama and his administration don't give a flying rats anus about what middle class and poor Americans think. To these de facto Goppers, only the super rich count.

I wonder if the email comments form even processes peoples'comments, or if the form contents are ignored, and the acknowledgment pops up on the screen without the data being saved or transmitted.

Will some liberal Democrat please, please, please run a primary challenge against this obnoxious and egomanical Phonycrat?

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  1. But he gets all riled up when the left complain about his administration so I'm going to start complaining 24/7 just so he gets the message.

  2. GDAEman Says:
  3. Just goes to show that slavery still exists... Obama being a slave of the corporate powers.

  4. He's just waiting for his one term to be up so he can get his Harvard prez gig and those $100k speaking engagements.
    I didn't vote for Obama. He lost me with his FISA vote. Personally, I knew all I needed about him with that...and the fact that his favorite tv show is/was "Entourage."



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