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Hiaalry Clinton with a crazy look on her faceBarack Bush and Hillary Clinton are sabotaging negotiations on reducing Global Warming. I know. You are shocked, just shocked at this corruption.

Anyway, here's some of the text of an email I recently recieved from Friends of the Earth (bolding mine).

We are writing to you from UN climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, where diplomatic cables exposed by WikiLeaks this week confirm what we'd already been hearing: The U.S. is bullying poorer countries into accepting an unjust and dangerous climate deal.

Do you want your government to stop pushing poor countries around and start acting as a constructive force in international negotiations?

If the answer is yes, then we need your signature on our petition to the chief U.S. diplomat, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The leaked cables show how the Obama administration used its foreign aid budget to bribe some developing countries into supporting a deeply flawed climate proposal called the Copenhagen Accord, which could set the world on a path to devastating levels of global warming -- up to nine degrees Fahrenheit by this century's end.2

The U.S. followed up by cutting off aid funding to other poor countries that refused to do its bidding.

Just yesterday, the deputy prime minister of Tuvalu, a small island that could be wiped off the map by climate change, declared, "We cannot afford to be held hostage by the domestic political backwardness of one large developed country. It is now time to act."

Will you stand with Tuvalu and call on U.S. negotiators to stop undermining strong global action to fight climate change?

When President Obama came into office, he promised to engage cooperatively with other countries to address the climate crisis. But at last year's climate talks in Copenhagen, and now in Cancun, his negotiators have done the opposite.

This illustrates more of the lies and betrayals that are so common with this pathetic excuse of an administration.

It also illustrates another important point about Wikileaks. Obviously, governments and the banksters are playing a huge role in the campaign of persecution against Wikileaks and its leader, Julian Assange. This revelation proves that Big Oil and Big Coal are involved in this fascist campaign against free speech and open government.

Obama looking sillyObviously, Barack Obama doesn't value the opinion of anyone who isn't super rich, but I think he does want to continue occupying the White House. It is important for him to know he is losing support from liberal voters by pursuing his extreme right and corrupt policies. If Obama keeps doing everything he can to send a message to Democrats that our votes make absolutely no difference, his 2012 loss will be the most humiliating electoral defeat of any major party candidate in US history.

I should point out that Ms. Clinton's enthusiastic involvement in this is typical, given that she is the same kind of extreme right Dixiecrat as her reprehensible husband Bill.

Please Sign the Petition!

Photos: World Economic Forum



1 Responses to Tell Hillary Clinton and the Rest of the Obama Administration to Stop Bullying Poor Nations at Global Warming Summit

  1. Unknown Says:
  2. Damn it. I have been fearing this from early on in this administration. It just gets worse and worse. I defended him against the Rethugs the other day and my radical left-wing,lesbian daughter :-D put me in my place.

    Nothing ever changes much in U.S. politics. The poor and working classes will always be chat upon and the status quo rich will always have the upper hand.



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