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I'm Boycotting Ikea This Holiday Season

Posted by libhom Saturday, December 11, 2010

Julian Assange is innocent of all rape charges. That is an obvious fact. The charges are the result of a brazen campaign of retaliation by some of the many governments and corporate interests who are furious about damaging secrets being revealed by Wikileaks.

We also know that women don't make rape charges for frivolous reasons. To get women to make false rape charges in any case would be difficult. To get women to make false rape charges in a high profile case like this, it would require incredibly intense forms of coercion by the interests who are retaliating against Wikileaks. These women can no more be legitimately criticized or held responsible for what they are saying than victims of torture and people being held hostage by terrorists. It's the people who have committed heinous acts to coerce these women who should be the targets of our ire and of criminal prosecution.

What I just said isn't some kind of incredibly deep insight. It's a statement of obvious facts combined with basic logic. The Swedish prosecutors are perfectly aware of what is really going on. So are Sweden's political and economic elites.

So, the only question that remained for me was what to do about this. The only means that a middle class person across an ocean like me can think of to do is to retaliate against Sweden's reprehensible actions is taking some of my business away from that country's omnipresent corporation: Ikea. I know it isn't enough, and I would love to know other legal means to fight back against Sweden's power elites.

I also am sickened by the unpatriotic actions of MasterCard and Visa to refuse to process transactions for donations to Wikileaks. Talk about an utter lack of any sense of business ethics. I freely admit that I am too dependent on those two evil corporations to go cold turkey, but I am going to do the vast majority of my Solstice shopping by cash or check.

I already decided to avoid Solstice shopping at Amazon and to close my account there in response to their heinous decision to close down the Wikeleaks website. Fortunately , there are mirror sites, but that doesn't let Amazon's unpatriotic actions off the hook.

If I lived in Connecticut, there is no way I could ever vote for Joe Lieberman after his witch hunt against Wikileaks. I don't know how anyone could be as disgusting and corrupt as that man. His contempt for this country and the American people is horrifying. But, what would you expect from someone so disloyal to this country that he gleefully supports irradiating millions of Americans with highly carcinogenic doses of XRays just so a well connected Republican corporation can grab unearned profits.

If you are surprised by my use of the word "unpatriotic" to describe Wikileaks' American attackers, including that quisling Joe Lieberman, consider this. I see true patriotism to be loyalty to my country, not loyalty to corrupt corporations, wealthy elites, and politicians that reside here and leech off the rest of us.



  1. my friend Jeanne and I consider Wikileaks heroes


  2. Same here, DCap. And I closed my Amazon account but can't get them to stop sending me their goddamn e-mails. Any thoughts? Won't use paypal again, either. Fuck them all. I have a long memory.

  3. libhom Says:
  4. Pissed: I got Amazon to stop sending me emails by clicking on "unsubscribe" links a few times, though I had to go through the process on several occasions to get them to do it.



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