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Ask Hillary Clinton to Return the Dirty Fox Money

Posted by libhom Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hillary Clinton's political alliance with far-right bigots is getting more disturbing as the details come out. Rupert Murdoch held a major fundraiser for Ms. Clinton and NewsCorp executives have donated over $20,000 to her campaign in this election cycle alone.

Rupert Murdoch is the founder and major shareholder in the secretive NewsCorp., an Australian media giant that owns all the Fox Networks and studios, including the viciously homophobic, sexist, and racist Faux News. That corporation owns the New York Post and a multitude of bigoted, right-wing propaganda papers around the globe. Murdoch's empire also includes cable and satellite television providers, including DirectTV.

The bigotry of Murdoch's media empire is reprehensible, as its insistence that its mouthpieces lie to the public about the news.

Ms. Clinton has a responsibility to reject Murdoch, his corporation, and the dishonesty and bigotry that they represent and promote. It is past time for her to return the dirty money and to promise to never take any more contributions from NewsCorp executives again.

Please contact her campaign and let her know she should do just that.

1 Responses to Ask Hillary Clinton to Return the Dirty Fox Money

  1. Unknown Says:
  2. Although 20K is a drop in the fundraising bucket..it does show she will take anyone's money doesn't it?



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