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As detailed in a fairly recent New York Times article, Obama, Edwards, and Clinton are taking positions on the Iraq war that will result in tens of thousands of US troops staying their and occupying that country. Obama and Clinton are being more open about it, while Edwards is being sneaky. He is saying that he will take US troops out of Iraq but would have troops return (or presumably stay) if Shi'a Muslims committed genocide against the Sunni Muslims.

This sounds noble, but it ignores the fact that such genocide already is occurring and the occupation is not deterring it. The Sunnis also are busy bombing Shi'a civilians, especially during religious events. Edwards has set a condition that will keep our troops in Iraq indefinitely. Even worse, our troops are being forced to make the situation more horrific by killing many Iraqis.

It is time to let these three politicians know that all US troops need to come home from Iraq, not just some of them. The occupation of Iraq by a large foreign power is destabilizing the country and adding to the carnage.

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  1. Brad Says:
  2. It's a sad, albeit typical, state of affairs that such a large number of Americans want an end to this horrible war yet there isn't a mainstream peace candidate in the election. Only Kucinich (and his views ARE mainstream in many respects, he just doesn't get the media attention precisely because of this reason) will honestly get us out of this war. The other Democrats want us to get out as soon as possible (where it being 'possible' is whether or not we've completely taken over the Iraqi economy and set up a obedient puppet government to help secure our new client state). It's 'impossible' to leave until that day comes. Until then Iraq is a 'mess' that we must 'clean up'.

  3. I agree that all U.S. troops need to leave Iraq. However, this situation is such a mess that unless we totally abandon the country–close the billion dollar US embassy and suspend all diplomatic relations with Iraq–then we will have to leave a small presence of U.S. troops behind in the region if only to protect and/or rescue Americans if the situation gets worse when we leave. I believe that it will take years for that country to stabilize, and that probably won’t happen until all sides get tired of fighting and come to the negotiating table or one side becomes victorious and peace prevails. Until then, the civil war will continue and U.S. presence is only delaying the inevitable.

  4. libhom Says:
  5. I have no problem with abandoning the imperial headquarters...er...embassy. Maybe the Iraqis can put the building to better use.



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