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Kucinich Connects Dots Between Iraq War and Global Warming

Posted by libhom Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Too often, liberals and progressives fail to point out the connections between various problems, connections that make it easier to see where our political and media systems are failing us. That is one of the reasons why Dennis Kucinich deserves so much credit for the following two statements during the YouTube Democratic presidential debate.

Well, we have to understand the connection between global warring and global warming. Because when we start talking about wars for oil, we're essentially keeping the same approach to energy.

And I think that the reason is that if you support, for example, in Iraq, if you say that Iraq should privatize its oil for the U.S. oil companies, then what you're doing is you're continuing a commitment to use more oil. If you believe that all options should be put on the table with respect to Iran, that's about oil.

So we need to move away from reliance on oil...

This illustrates the largest connection between the nutty war in Iraq and global warming. There also is a smaller, but significant connection that Kucinich did not have time to get into.

The war itself involves wasting energy and results in extra CO2 emissions.

If you are serious about fighting global warming, part of the effort is calling for an immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. A lot of conservative Democrats would prefer not to think about this, as would many of the less extreme members of the GOP. But, the longer you drag out the war, and the harder you push for the Iraqi legislation to give Iraqi oil profits to US, British, and Australian oil interests, the more damage you are doing to the planet.

1 Responses to Kucinich Connects Dots Between Iraq War and Global Warming

  1. I sent Kucinich money. He is the only one ! Really we got to connect the dots with our electoral processes. There is a campaign for public financing of elections called only6dollars..i joined it. They have free action kits. I wish Kucinich would run Indenpendent i really do. The dem machine is so corrupt and powerful..my reason for sending him money aside from believing HIS is the direction we need to go in is that - HIS is the message whose seeds must be sown till the end of the primaries.for the 7th generation..I too have blogged about him..Man o Man this world needs his leadership



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