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Boycott Las Vegas Sands Corporation Hotels

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 26, 2007

John Ehrenfeld is spot in his blog posting, Boycott the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino for Supporting Iraq War!

Obviously delighting in hundreds and thousands of deaths and the disdain of the entire world, Iraq War supporters today launched a $15 million propaganda offensive with the detestable goal of distorting the truth about the dismal failure that is Bush's Iraq policy and continuing the immoral carnage indefinitely.

The group, Freedom's Watch named billionaire Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation as one prominent backer of the effort.

Voice your disgust with this reprehensible, war-mongering ad campaign and exercise your right not to patronize the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, The Sands Expo and Convention Center, or any other Sands Corporation property the next time you are in Las Vegas.

If we are truly mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore, this is one small way to make our voices heard.

It is time to stand up to the rightist, anti-American extremists who want our troops to die in Iraq for war profiteers and fundamentalist Christian religious extremists. The anti-war movement needs to get tougher with the corporations behind a war that is helping Al Qaida recruit and train terrorists.

Until a troop-hating extremists like Sheldon Adelson resigns or is fired, and until the hotel chain calls for the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, it is critical that the corporation he runs face the economic consequences of his anti-Americanism.

Note: it would be difficult not to notice the deceptive name, "Freedom's Watch," that the rightists are using for their anti-troops, pro-war profiteers, campaign.


  1. Brandon Says:
  2. You do realize that he runs a company that operates in one of the most profitable industries in the world don't you? Labor Day weekend alone would negate the effects of a boycott, the casino he just opened up in Macao will also negate any effects.

  3. libhom Says:
  4. This boycott can work if liberals and progressives learn to speak through the money they command as consumers.

  5. Brandon Says:
  6. You would also have to figure out a way to persuade Asian tourists from frequenting his casino, they make up a huge proportion of the tourists in Vegas and are huge players at the table games, which are the casino's big moneymakers.

    Let's say that liberals and progressives lost business would cost the Venetian $3 million, they can make it back in slots play alone after a big weekend.

  7. libhom Says:
  8. The Iraq war is even more unpopular in Asia than it is in the US. The main problem is publicizing such an idea.



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