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Christian Right extremists were bound to throw fits over the event, and they certainly lived up to their reputations. Caleb H. Price, “research analyst” from “Focus on the Family,” the country's largest Religious Right hate-group spewed the following venom:

The fact that this debate even took place reflects the wildly disproportionate extent to which a very few super-wealthy homosexual activists have commandeered the political machinery of the Democratic Party through their contributions and influence.

If queers really had “commandeered the political machinery of the Democratic Party,” our legislative goals would have gotten a lot further in Congress by now. The quote also illustrates the highly partisan nature of these supposedly non-partisan Christian fundamentalist groups.

The Family Research Council's take on the subject was nasty, but unintentionally humorous.
The debate is hosted by the far left wing gay activist group, Human Rights Campaign and will be broadcast from Los Angeles on the Logo channel.
The debate will be solely focused on advancing the homosexual agenda.

One has to laugh at the notion that a cautious and moderate organization like the HRC is “far left wing,” especially given the extraordinary lengths the HRC goes to pander to its wealthy Republican donors.

J. Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues at “Concerned Women for America,” won the battle to be the most apoplectic.
But the fact that this debate even took place is a sad commentary on the moral state of our union. It's shameful that our nation's moral standards have nose-dived to the point that it's now considered good and "tolerant" to hold a debate organized entirely around the promotion of sexual immorality.

What's next? Are presidential candidates going to be asked to participate in a debate on how to garner widespread acceptance of adultery or incest? Are members of the growing polygamy lobby and the pedophile group NAMBLA going to tap candidates for a televised debate to promote their chosen lifestyles?
The good news is that although "the wages of sin is death," we all have access to a loving and forgiving Redeemer in Christ who selflessly offers freedom from the spiritual and physical death which is a natural consequence of immoral self-indulgence.

And on that, there's no debate.

Actually, there is plenty of debate on that subject, at least among the rational.

Bringing in the particularly nasty Bible citation showed just how visceral the reaction was among the Christian extremists. Hatred certainly is not a family value, but it certainly is the unifying value among the Christian Taliban.

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  1. Unknown Says:
  2. Christ,those fuckwits could drive me insane reading their skewed friggin logic.



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