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The Democrats Still Need to Get Rid of the Superdelegates

Posted by libhom Friday, August 08, 2008

It may be a little while since the Clinton campaign threatened to steal the nomination with a superdelegate scam, but the issue of the whole superdelegate system should not be forgotten. Even now, some fanatical Clinton supporters are still trying to steal the nomination.

The ethical arguments for abolishing the superdelegates are independent of any particular election. Letting party insiders steal a presidential nomination is a dangerous attack on democracy. The verdict of grassroots Democrats should be accepted, not mocked in this fashion.

Also, there are important practical considerations. Insulting Democratic voters is not a good way to motivate political support in the general election. Also, the divisiveness resulting from keeping nominations from being settled until the last possible minute is terrible for the party now and could return the Democratic Party to minority party status later.

It's easier to try to forget the ugly Democratic primary campaign, but the need to reform the system should take precedence over the discomfort.



  1. Librocrat Says:
  2. They're probably just trying to not make Hillary Clinton as prominent a figure again. Focusing the attention on Obama is only good for his candidacy, and if Dean tries to do away with Superdelegates right now, he puts the attention back off Obama and back onto Hillary losing. Considering the effort they are putting in to try to make sure Clinton's supporters go for Obama, it makes some sense.

  3. Sweet Jesus I hate those bitter women who will not let this thing die.

  4. Christopher Says:
  5. A most excellent and provocative piece.

    I think the very concept of Superdelegates is elitist to the core and the antithesis of what it has meant to be a Democrat.

    About the Clintons. Everyone knows they're obsessed with power and acclaim. Hillary belongs in a Lane Bryant selling pantsuits to overweight, suburban women but no where near the presidency.

  6. Shaw Kenawe Says:
  7. It would be political suicide for Hillary to try to steal the nomination from Obama. And it would be the death of the Democratic party for a long while.

    Why is it that the Goopers always get behind their candidate no matter how repulsive he is to them, but the Hillbots are still nursing their grudges over her loss?

    Democrats: Alway willing to lose elections in order to prove a point.


  8. libhom Says:
  9. libocrat: The superdelegates aren't going away unless people push for it. We need to worry less about any particular campaign and more about the broader issue of democracy in America.

    monkey: The ironic aspect of your concept is that the PUMA site is run by a guy.

    christopher: Your statement on the concept of superdelegates nails it.

    shaw: Democratic politicians have done such a terrible job of representing grassroots Democrats that grassroots people have little basis for institutional loyalty. The superdelegates are but a small part of that.



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