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Gustav Is Coming. Get Ready to Make Noise!

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 31, 2008

With Gustav roaring towards the New Orleans area, those of us who are bloggers need to be ready. If you aren't evacuating, you need to follow the news very closely and go ballistic every time the Bush regime shows neglect, incompetence, or maliciousness in its handling of Gustav. I don't mean a week after Gustav hits. People need to jump on the stories ASAP in order to try to shame the Bushi'ites during an election year. Here are some news sources to watch closely. (Please add more in the comments section.)

Democracy Now!



Common Dreams

BBC News - Americas

The Indypendent

We can all hope for the best, but we need to be ready to get busy if things go badly or worse.


  1. Well, I predict that the Repubs will have this one in the bag. They have forced everyone to evacuate.... So deaths will be minimal if at all... People are stren in shelters all over the area so there can never be one bigb mess of a shelter like there was last time.

    Meanwhile Repubs are already planning to replace the name Katrina w/ the name Gustav... and to terrify people that only THEY can run the new and improved FEMA....

    No doubt John McCain is grateful that the most unpopular President of our lifetimes won't be there to destroy his openeing night festivities....

    My thoughts and prayers are with the poor folks (lit and fig) in the Southern Gulf states....

    But I can't help but be cynical on what the Repubs will do here....

  2. Unknown Says:
  3. Well I just saw a BBC report that seemed to show the first reaction was for a curfew with assault weapon armed troops enforcing it, then Blackwater is recruiting extra thugs expecting to go down there, an authoritarian response. Then I see McCain is using it as a campaign backdrop, they will fly to the gulf coast and they are also using it to get out of Bush speaking, citing 'safety'. Nowhere have I seen shelter planning, evac stuff or medical standbys, but that's only based on a quick sampling of media so that may be being done. But the militaristic & political response does rather stand out.

  4. Unknown Says:
  5. Evac has been ordered! this might be useful-
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